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Red Oaks was released in the year 2014, some songs of the official soundtrack are Wings of a Dove (A Celebratory Song) by Madness, What Have I Done For You Lately by King MC, Voice of America's Sons by John Cafferty, Traces To Nowhere by Mitch Murder. Listen the soundtrack online!

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Wings of a dove (a celebratory song)

Madness: performer
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What have i done for you lately

King MC: performer
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Voice of america's sons

John Cafferty: performer
Cafferty: writer
John A, Jr..: writer
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Traces to nowhere

Mitch Murder: performer
Johan Bengtsson: writer
play soundtrack

Throttle up

Dynatron: performer
Jeppe Hadderiis: writer
play soundtrack

The stroke

Billy Squier: writer, performer
play soundtrack

The key

Brian Page: writer, performer
play soundtrack


Sheena Easton: performer
play soundtrack

Steal away

Robbie Dupree: performer, writer
play soundtrack

Smalltown boy

Bronski Beat: performer
: writer
Willi Steven: writer
play soundtrack

Save it for later

English Beat: performer
play soundtrack

Playing to win

Little River Band: performer
play soundtrack

Nova heart

Spoons: performer
Gordon Deppe: writer
play soundtrack

My kinda lover

Billy Squier: performer
play soundtrack

Miles away

Craig Marsden: writer, performer
play soundtrack

Melancholy blue

Bob McGilpin: performer
Robert McGilpin: writer
play soundtrack


Billy Ocean: performer
play soundtrack

Kiss you all over

Exile: performer
play soundtrack

I'll tumble 4 ya

Culture Club: performer
: writer
Roy Earnest Hay: writer
play soundtrack

High climber

Bob McGilpin: performer
Robert McGilpin: writer
play soundtrack

Had a dream (sleeping with the enemy)

Roger Hodgson: performer, writer
play soundtrack

Freaks come out at night

Whodini: performer
Jalil Hutchins: writer
Lawrence Smith: writer
play soundtrack

Do whatcha feel

Len Boone: performer
play soundtrack

Breakdown dead ahead

Boz Scaggs: writer, performer
David Foster: writer
David W. Foster: writer
William Scaggs: writer
play soundtrack

Break my stride

Matthew Wilder: performer
play soundtrack

Bombs away

Loosely Tight: performer
play soundtrack

Back to paradise

38 Special: performer
Jim Vallance: performer
.38 Special: performer
Pat Benatar: writer
Bryan Adams: writer
James Vallance: writer
play soundtrack

All tomorrow's promises

The Lost Patrol: performer
play soundtrack

A private future

Rockets: performer
Love: performer
Love and Rockets: performer
play soundtrack

(si si) je suis un rock star

Bill Wyman: performer

4 - 3 - 1

The Jetzons: performer
Bruce Connole: writer
Bradley Buxer: writer

A taste of the 80s

Luca Visigalli: writer
Marco Zanoni: writer

Ancient of days


Asian zones of war

Gregor Narholz: writer


Roxy Music: performer
Bryan Ferry: writer, performer

Ballad of amave

Chucho Merchan: writer

Better (instrumental)

Peggy Murphy: writer
Donald R Wilke: writer


Mike Nilles: writer

Bowling song

Edward: writer
William Rasten: writer

Calling out

: writer
Hal Hansford: writer
James Gambone: writer
Jorge Laplume: writer
Randolph Blitz: writer
William Livesay: writer

Chillin lotus

Jaworek Bodo: writer
Ulrich Franke: writer


Robert Lord: writer


Michael Glover: writer

Deny deny deny

Jerry Honigman: writer

East meets west

Stephan Liebold: writer
Andreas Kracke: writer

Electronic fertilizer

Frass Abidbol: writer

Fightin' society


Five over four

Dick Walter: writer

Floating on a cloud

Doug Davis: writer

Gamelan percussion

Edwin Pfanzagi: writer

Gaucho tension

Gerhard Bicki: writer
Roman Raithel: writer

Gift of healing

Llewellyn: writer

Hands that's free

Geoff Grace: writer

Happiness starts with a smile

Mark G Hart: writer

Happy hawaii

Denny Wright: writer

Hava nagila

Leroux Alain: writer

Heartache remover

Ken Wesley: writer


Peggy Murphy: writer
Donald R Wilke: writer

High school fantasy

Ryan Boosel: writer

I can't break away

David Kessner: writer

I can't look

Vaughn Johnson: writer

I see you

Carmen Bogart: performer
: writer
Jimmy Gough: writer
Sandra Benton: writer
Ginger Gray: writer

I won't wait no more

The Jetzons: performer
Bruce Connole: writer
Bradley Buxer: writer

I'm so famous

Richard Myhill: writer


Nathan King: writer
Mike Drinkwater: writer

Let it out

One Eighty: performer
: writer
Miriam Milikin: writer
Bill Milikin: writer

Life on the grid

Nicholas Morey: writer
Ryan Boosel: writer

Love is like oxygen

Sweet: performer

Marquee moon

Tom Verlaine: writer

Meet the beat

Clair Marlo: writer
Alexander Baker: writer

Memory lights

Keith Ruggiero: writer

Mike might have said it

Peggy Murphy: writer
Donald R. Wilke: writer


Didier Malherbe: writer
Loy Ehrlich: writer

Neon lady


Nickel and dime

Peter Kellert: writer

Nippon drive

Amelito Bokayo: writer
Lorenzo Navalta: writer

Oak tree rapp

Freddie Starr: performer

Oceans of orion

Keith Ruggiero: writer


Art of Noise: performer
The Art of Noise: performer
Anne Dudley: writer
Gary Langan: writer
: writer
Jonathan Edward: writer

Peyote dreams

Erik Lasar: writer



Secret river

Evelyne Datl: writer

Send him to me

Barbara Brown: performer

Sex flu

Brent C. Larson: writer

She's doing everything i want to do

Donna Wood: writer

Side pocket blues

Kenny Werner: writer


Scott Anderson: writer

Skid row smash and grab

Richard Ivans: writer

Sparklin' rain

Craig Marsden: writer

Strange world (fm attack remix)

Tim Bernhardt: writer

Stray cat

Danny Earnest: writer

Streets on fire

Michael Glover: writer

The dog

Tim Feehan: writer
Doug Buck: writer

Traces to nowehere

Mitch Murder: performer
Johan Bengtsson: writer

True love

Michael Liggins: writer

Two different people

Alan Kerbey: writer


Chad Benton: writer


Ennis Esmer: performer
Andy Cummins: writer

Wishing you were here

David Dodt: writer

Woman make man

Robin Scott: writer

You can go

Brian: writer
Sarah Duffy: writer

You're still in love with me

Francine Mazzei: writer

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