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Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
play soundtrack Main Title Terminator 2: Judgment Day performer
play soundtrack Tanker Chase Hillbilly Elegy performer
play soundtrack COME TO ME Fright Night performer
play soundtrack I'll Be Back Terminator: Dark Fate writer
   BEGINNER'S LUCK Fraternity Vacation performer
   Cello Practice Playing for Time arranger
   Desert Suite Terminator: Dark Fate writer
   Finding My Own Way Girls of the White Orchid writer
   FOOLIN NO ONE Fraternity Vacation performer
   FOOLIN' NO ONE Fraternity Vacation performer
   Helicopter Swat Truck Chase Hillbilly Elegy performer
   I'm Talking Love The Accused performer
   Main Title Terminator Salvation writer
   Main Title T2 3-D Pre-Show writer
   Main Title from Terminator 2 Atop the Fourth Wall composer
   Main Title from Terminator 2 T2: More Than Meets the Eye performer
   Meditation Playing for Time arranger
   Mill Chase T1000 Back Together Hillbilly Elegy performer
   Music Encino Man performer
   Nobody But Yourself To Blame Apple Pie composer
   OUT ON THE TOWN Fraternity Vacation performer
   T1000 Freezes Hillbilly Elegy performer
   T2 Theme Hell Is Other People writer
   Terminator 2 Main Title Some Jerk with a Camera writer
   Terminator 2 Main Title The Filthy Frank Show writer
   The Terminator Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines writer
   The Terminator (Main Theme) RoboCop vs Terminator writer
   The Terminator Theme American Pie 2 writer
   The Terminator Theme Hren' 2.0 writer
   The Terminator Theme Other Voices: Creating 'The Terminator' writer
   The Terminator Theme Terminator Genisys writer
   The Terminator Theme Arnold Schwarzenegger: Ein steirisches Idol writer
   The Terminator Theme The House writer
   The Terminator Theme Terminator: Dark Fate writer
   The Terminator: Main Title Rude Tube writer
   Theme from Terminator 2: Judgment Day The Nostalgia Critic composer
   THESE ARE THE TIMES TO REMEMBER Mystic Pizza composer
   Trois jeunes tumbours Playing for Time arranger
   _The Terminator (1984)_ (qv) Theme Sausage Party writer