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Filmography: Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra-Sif 309 songs

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   Action Réaction Les choristes performer
   Amal and Hattem's Song The Syrian Bride performer
   Austerlitz Napoléon performer
   Back Home L'uomo che cavalcava nel buio performer
   Bride Theme The Syrian Bride performer
   Buen Día, Ramón / Guten Tag, Ramón Guten Tag, Ramón performer
   Caresse Sur L'Océan Les choristes performer
   Cerf-Volant Les choristes performer
   Cielo Stellato Che ne sarà di noi performer
   Compère Guilleri Les choristes performer
   Hattem's Theme The Syrian Bride performer
   In Memoriam Les choristes performer
   In Memoriam A Cappella Les choristes performer
   Io No Io no performer
   Künstlerleben' ('Artist's Life Les choristes performer
   L'Arrivée À L'École Les choristes performer
   L'Evocation Les choristes performer
   L'Incendie Les choristes performer
   La Bataille d'Eylau (The Battle of Eylau) Napoléon performer
   La Bataille d'Iena (The Battle of Iena) Napoléon performer
   La Désillusion Les choristes performer
   La Grande Armee (The Grand Army) Napoléon performer
   La Mariage (The Marriage) Napoléon performer
   La Meche de Cheveux (Telling the Tale) Napoléon performer
   La Mort de Napoleon (The Death of Napoleon) Napoléon performer
   La Naissance du Roi de Rome (The Birth of the King of Rome) Napoléon performer
   La Nuit Les choristes performer
   La Partie D'Echec (The Part of Failure) Napoléon performer
   La Reconciliation Avec Josephine (The Reconciliation with Josephine) Napoléon performer
   La Reddition du Marchal Ney (The Surrender of Marshal Ney) Napoléon performer
   La Rencontre Avec Le Pape (The Meeting with the Pope) Napoléon performer
   La Rencontre avec Talleyrand (The Meeting with Talleyrand) Napoléon performer
   La Retraite de Napoleon (The Retreat of Napoleon) Napoléon performer
   La Sacre (The Crown) Napoléon performer
   La Stanza Blu Che ne sarà di noi performer
   La Visite a Josephine (The Visit of Josephine) Napoléon performer
   La visite a la Malmaison (The Visit of Malmaison) Napoléon performer
   Le Tombeau des Invalides (The Tomb of the Invalides) Napoléon performer
   Les Avions En Papier Les choristes performer
   Les Choristes Les choristes performer
   Les Partitions Les choristes performer
   Lo specchio Io no performer
   Lueur D'Été Les choristes performer
   Majdal Sham's Morning (Introduction) The Syrian Bride performer
   Man With A Secret L'uomo che cavalcava nel buio performer
   Man With A Secret (Versione 2) L'uomo che cavalcava nel buio performer
   Maria Waleska Napoléon performer
   Marie-Louise Napoléon performer
   Menù degustazione Io no performer
   Miss Betsy Napoléon performer
   Morhange Les choristes performer
   Napoleon Napoléon performer
   Napoleon Adolescent (Napoleon, the Adolescent) Napoléon performer
   Napoleon Enfant (Napoleon the Infant) Napoléon performer
   Night At The Park The Protagonists performer
   Not Me Io no performer
   Nous Sommes De Fond De L'Étang Les choristes performer
   Oorlogswinter - Score Oorlogswinter performer
   Passato Prossimo Passato prossimo performer
   Pépinot Les choristes performer
   Ritorno di notte Io no performer
   Scusa di che' Io no performer
   Seuls Les choristes performer
   Sous La Pluie Les choristes performer
   Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92, II. Allegretto The Fall performer
   Take A Shower! The Protagonists performer
   Te Deum Napoléon performer
   The Dream The Syrian Bride performer
   The Garden The Protagonists performer
   The Protagonists The Protagonists performer
   Turn Me Round The Protagonists performer
   Un bacio rubato Io no performer
   Una lettera ancora Io no performer
   Une vie de chat / A Cat In Paris (Theme) Une vie de chat performer
   Vers L'Egypte (Towards Egypt) Napoléon performer
   Vers la Russie (Towards Russia) Napoléon performer
   Vers Strasbourg (Towards Strasbourg) Napoléon performer
   Vois sur ton chemin Les choristes performer
   Wedding Feast The Syrian Bride performer