Don Davis Soundtracks

Donald Davis is an American film composer and conductor who is known for composing the music of The Matrix trilogy, Enter the Matrix, The Animatrix, SeaQuest 2032, the Beauty and the Beast television series and Jurassic Park III. He did orchestration for films composed by James Horner, Randy Newman and Alan Silvestri.
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Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
Mona Lisa Overdrive The Matrix Reloaded writer
Navras The Matrix Revolutions performer
Main Title The Matrix Reloaded writer
Trinity Dream The Matrix Reloaded writer
Lonely Teardrops La Bamba producer
Tetsujin The Matrix Revolutions producer
The Trainman Cometh The Matrix Revolutions writer
Who's Making Love Backstreet Dreams writer
Burly Brawl The Matrix Reloaded writer
Disco Lady That '70s Show writer
Disco Lady Top of the Pops writer
Girl Coronation Street writer
I Believe in You (You Believe in Me) The Midnight Special writer
Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone Baby Boy writer
Who's Making Love The Midnight Special writer
Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone Wattstax writer
Mesmerized RuPaul's Drag Race writer
Mesmerized Luke Cage writer
Somebody's Gettin' It She's So Lovely writer
Tetsujin So You Think You Can Dance performer
   Billy Oblivion Jurassic Park III writer
   Bone Man Ben Jurassic Park III writer
   Brachiosaurus On The Bank Jurassic Park III writer
   Burly Brawl The Nostalgia Critic composer
   Burly Brawl Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Movie performer
   Clash Of Extinction Jurassic Park III writer
   Cooper's Last Stand Jurassic Park III writer
   Dance Party The In Crowd composer
   Disco Lady The Paul Lynde Halloween Special writer
   Double Trouble The Heat writer
   Ecks vs Sever Theme Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever writer
   Frenzy Fuselage Jurassic Park III writer
   Girl Idols writer
   Girl Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé writer
   Hide and Seek Detroit writer
   I Believe In You (You Believe In Me) Scandal writer
   I Don't Wanna Come Down Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo producer
   I Heard It Through The Grapevine/Who's Makin Love To Your Old Lady Rock Concert writer
   I'm Rich Tiny Toon Adventures composer
   Inside Of You Warriors of Virtue producer
   Isla Sorna Sailing Situation Jurassic Park III writer
   Main Title Return to House on Haunted Hill writer
   Main Title - Trinity Infinity Space Jam 2 writer
   Main Title/Trinity Infinity Keanu writer
   Mambo Mamasita Soft Toilet Seats performer
   Mesmerized Idols! writer
   Mike & Alice's Restaurant When a Man Loves a Woman writer
   Music from The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions The Matrix Resurrections writer
   Narvas So You Think You Can Dance composer
   Nash Calling Jurassic Park III writer
   Neodammerung The Filthy Frank Show writer
   Niaiserie The Matrix Reloaded producer
   Picking Up The Pieces Wattstax writer
   Pteranodon Habitat Jurassic Park III writer
   Raptor Repartee Jurassic Park III writer
   RED PILL, BLUE PILL The Animatrix writer
   Rowdy Booty Time Where the Heart Is writer
   Sixteen Tons Session Man writer
   Stronger Uncle Drew writer
   That's A Team Down to Earth performer
   The Dynosaur Fly-By Jurassic Park III writer
   The Hat Returns / End Credits Jurassic Park III writer
   The Raptor Room Jurassic Park III writer
   THE REAL The Animatrix writer
   Tiny Pecking Pteranodon Jurassic Park III writer
   Tree People Jurassic Park III writer
   Who's Making Love Gangster No. 1 writer