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Eds Chesters was the drummer for the English band The Bluetones. He currently works as an osteopath at Health in Motion clinic in Maidenhead, Berkshire and at The Point Osteopathic Clinic, Colchester. Prior to joining the Bluetones, Chesters was best known for being a behind-the-scenes member of the late 1980s band Soho. The band were best known for their one major hit, Hippy Chick, which sampled the guitars from How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths.
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Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
Bluetonic Shooting Fish writer
Autophilia Top of the Pops writer
Blood Bubble Spaced writer
Keep the Home Fires Burning Top of the Pops writer
Mudslide Spaced writer
Sleazy Bed Track Scott Pilgrim vs. the World writer
Sleazy Bed Track The Gigolos writer
Slight Return Top of the Pops writer
Slight Return My Mad Fat Diary writer
Slight Return Britpop at the BBC writer
Slight Return Music for Misfits: The Story of Indie writer
Slight Return Live Forever! 90's Britpop writer
Slight Return The Bluetones: Slight Return writer
Solomon Bites the Worm Dragons' Den writer
Solomon Bites the Worm Teachers writer
Solomon Bites the Worm Rancid Aluminium writer
4-Day Weekend The Bluetones: 4-Day Weekend writer
Are You Blue or Are You Blind? Mondo Concerto writer
Bluetonic Mondo Concerto writer
Bluetonic The Bluetones: Bluetonic writer
Carnt Be Trusted Mondo Concerto writer
Cut Some Rug EastEnders writer
Cut Some Rug Mondo Concerto writer
Cut Some Rug The Bluetones: Cut Some Rug writer
Down At The Reservoir Teachers writer
If... The Chart Show writer
Marblehead Johnson EastEnders writer
Marblehead Johnson The Bluetones: Marblehead Johnson writer
Putting Out Fires Mondo Concerto writer
Sleazy Bed Track Mondo Concerto writer
Slight Return History of the Euros writer
Slight Return Mondo Concerto writer
Solomon Bites the Worm The Video Pool writer
The Devil Behind My Smile Mondo Concerto writer
The Simple Things Mondo Concerto writer
Things Change Mondo Concerto writer
   Are You Blue Or Are You Blind? Top of the Pops writer
   Don't Stand Me Down Mondo Concerto writer
   Driftwood Mondo Concerto writer
   Fock Da Brainhole Spaced writer
   Marblehead Johnson Mondo Concerto writer
   Time & Again Mondo Concerto writer
   Vampire Mondo Concerto writer