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Jeff Ament
Jeffrey Allen Ament is an American musician who serves as the bassist for the American rock band Pearl Jam. Along with Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, and Eddie Vedder, he is one of the founding members of Pearl Jam. Ament is also known for his work prior to Pearl Jam with the 1980s Seattle-based grunge rock bands Green River and Mother Love Bone, and is particularly notable for his work with the fr...
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Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns One Tree Hill writer
Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns Singles writer
Go Riding Giants writer
Jeremy 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s writer
Not For You Hype! writer
Nothingman Californication writer
Nothingman Cold Case writer
PUSHIN' FORWARD BACK Benny & Joon writer
State of Love and Trust Singles writer
Why Go Cold Case writer
Yellow Ledbetter Cold Case writer
Yellow Ledbetter Friends writer
Yellow Ledbetter 50/50 writer
Big Wave Surf's Up writer
Daughter Jay and Silent Bob Reboot writer
Got Some The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien writer
Low Light Pearl Jam: Single Video Theory writer
Nothing As It Seems Kill the Messenger writer
Pendulum Hawaii Five-0 writer
All Night Late Night with Jimmy Fallon writer
Jeremy The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon composer
Nothingman S.P.U.N.G composer
Ole Late Night with Jimmy Fallon writer
Release Out of the Furnace writer
W.M.A. Pro Surfer writer
   10,000 Things Hype! writer
   Daughter (Remastered) 1993 writer
   Jeremy One Week writer
   Jeremy Idol writer
   Pendulum The Blacklist writer
   Theme Song Mayne Street composer
   Why Go American Gods writer
   Yellow Ledbetter Break Point writer