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Jonathan Bar-Giora

Jonathan Bar Giora is an Israeli composer and pianist. Since 2000, Bar Giora has composed scores and soundtracks for Israeli films such as Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi, Time of Favor and Aviva, My Love. He also worked as a composer with Israeli actors such as Yossi Banai, Rita and Rickie Gal. Bar Giora lectures at the Sapir Academic College and at Maale Film School.
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   Blind Date Rag Medurat Hashevet writer Buy Blind Date Rag on Amazon
   Et Moi Aussi The Kind Words composer Buy Et Moi Aussi on Amazon
   Ha-Aviv Sheli Yagi'a Aviva Ahuvati writer Buy Ha-Aviv Sheli Yagi'a on Amazon
   Hashmal Zorem Be-Chapot Yadecha Medurat Hashevet arranger Buy Hashmal Zorem Be-Chapot Yadecha on Amazon
   Hidden Dreams The Kind Words performer Buy Hidden Dreams on Amazon
   Od Avo El Sipech Ha-Kochavim Shel Shlomi composer, performer Buy Od Avo El Sipech on Amazon