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   Accusation The Criminal Code composer
   Accusation Scarlet Seas composer
   Agitato Jekyll & Canada writer
   Agitato No.4 Scarlet Seas composer
   Air Flight I'd Love to Take Orders from You composer
   All America Public Wedding composer
   Allegro Vigoroso Scarlet Seas composer
   Amorita Hare We Go composer
   Battle Music Porky the Gob composer
   Battle Music Scalp Trouble composer
   Battle Music No. 9 Goofy Groceries composer
   Battle Music No. 9 Porky's Poor Fish composer
   Battle Music No. 9 The Draft Horse composer
   Beast of the Jungle The Man Upstairs composer
   Bon Vivant Why Be Good? composer
   Bon Vivant Payment Deferred composer
   Chinese Jekyll & Canada writer
   Chinese Idol Chinatown Champs composer
   Chums The Tender Years composer
   College Stunts Change of Heart composer
   College Stunts Porky's Poultry Plant composer
   College Stunts Saddle Silly composer
   College Stunts Screwball Football composer
   College Stunts Sport Chumpions composer
   Comedy Excitement Porky's Moving Day composer
   Comedy Excitement The Lady in Red composer
   Cowboy Music The Ghosts of Edendale performer
   Disturbance The Lady in Red composer
   Dramatic Tension The Daffy Doc composer
   Dreaded Moments Poison Pen composer
   Dreaming The Tender Years composer
   Egyptia Buddy of the Legion composer
   Evil Plotter Buddy the Detective composer
   Fair Debutante Synthetic Sin composer
   Fate The Case of the Stuttering Pig composer
   Flying Ace Gambling Lady composer
   Furioso Bars and Stripes Forever composer
   Furioso Doggone Cats composer
   Furioso Wise Quacks composer
   Furioso Pay As You Exit composer
   Furioso #2 Porky's Poultry Plant composer
   Grief Porky in the North Woods composer
   Heart's Desire Aces and Eights composer
   Hunting Scene The Fire Alarm composer
   Hurry Music (for Duels) The Ghosts of Edendale performer
   Hurry Music (for struggles) Stop Look and Listen composer
   Hurry Music (for struggles) You're My Everything composer
   Hurry No. 1 Jekyll & Canada writer
   Hurry No. 1 On Moonlight Bay composer
   Hurry No. 1 Wise Quacks composer
   Hurry No.1 O-Kay for Sound composer
   Hurry No.1 O-Kay for Sound composer
   In the Stirrups Boulevardier from the Bronx composer
   In the Stirrups Buckaroo Bugs composer
   In the Stirrups Buddy's Pony Express composer
   In the Stirrups Bugs Bunny's Valentine composer
   In the Stirrups Claws for Alarm composer
   In the Stirrups Cowboy from Brooklyn composer
   In the Stirrups Daffy Duck's Quackbusters composer
   In the Stirrups Draftee Daffy composer
   In the Stirrups Egghead Rides Again composer
   In the Stirrups Milk and Money composer
   In the Stirrups Porky and Teabiscuit composer
   In the Stirrups The EGGcited Rooster composer
   In the Stirrups The Grey Hounded Hare composer
   In the Stirrups The Impatient Patient composer
   In the Stirrups The Old Grey Hare composer
   In the Stirrups The Royal Rodeo composer
   In the Stirrups Tortoise Wins by a Hare composer
   In the Stirrups Wild Wife composer
   Indian Dawn A Feather in His Hare composer
   Indian Dawn Boobs in the Woods composer
   Indian Dawn Buckaroo Bugs composer
   Indian Dawn Captain Blue Blood composer
   Indian Dawn Cross Country Detours composer
   Indian Dawn Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk composer
   Indian Dawn Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas composer
   Indian Dawn Mighty Hunters composer
   Indian Dawn Musical Moments composer
   Indian Dawn Romance of the West composer
   Indian Dawn Sweet Sioux composer
   Indian Dawn The Oily American composer
   Indian Dawn Wacky Wildlife composer
   Indian War Dance His Bitter Half composer
   Indian War Dance Scalp Trouble composer
   Indian War Dance The Daffy Duckaroo composer
   Indian War Dance Westward Whoa composer
   Joy Synthetic Sin composer
   L'Ouracan Fish Tales composer
   La Fiesta Viva Buddy composer
   Le Chant des Boulevards Why Be Good? composer
   Little Irish Rose Abie's Irish Rose composer
   Maharajah Ali-Baba Bound composer
   Maharajah Little Beau Porky composer
   Marionette Bear Shooters messages.music arranger
   Marionette When the Wind Blows messages.music arranger
   Movie Rag The Gay Anties composer
   Mutiny Little Beau Porky composer
   Mutiny The Blow Out composer
   My Cairo Love One Stolen Night composer
   Mysterioso No. 1 Jekyll & Canada writer
   Nation's Pride Knockout composer
   Neapolitan Nights The Dodge Dancing Party composer
   Neapolitan Nights A Musicale Melange composer
   Neapolitan Nights El cantante de Napoles composer
   Neapolitan Nights Musical Moments composer
   Neapolitan Nights My Love Came Back composer
   Neapolitan Nights The Case of the Curious Bride composer
   Neapolitan Nights The Lady in Red composer
   Neapolitan Nights The Ruling Voice composer
   Neapolitan Nights Week-End Marriage composer
   Neapolitan Nights You're Next to Closing composer
   Neapolitan Nights As You Desire Me composer
   Neapolitan Nights Trouble in Toyland composer
   Ole South A Modern Dixie composer
   Ole Swimming Hole Our Little Girl composer
   Oriental Atmosphere Beau Ideal composer
   Oriental Atmosphere Buddy of the Legion composer
   Oriental Music Little Beau Porky composer
   PARADISE (The Love Theme) The Wedding March composer
   Pickin' Cotton A Modern Dixie composer
   Polly Darn Tootin' composer
   Polly Katz' Pajamas composer
   Polly Thanksgiving Day composer
   Polly Vitaphone Diversions composer
   Polly Darn Tootin composer
   Queer Antics Get Rich Quick Porky composer
   Queer Antics Pop Goes Your Heart composer
   Queer Antics Porky's Movie Mystery composer
   Redemption Little Daddy composer
   Redskin Redskin composer
   Reproach Double Chaser composer
   Reproach Fox Pop composer
   Reproach The Henpecked Duck composer
   Rosemary Abie's Irish Rose composer
   Sacrifice Jekyll & Canada writer
   Seething Conscience Aces and Eights composer
   Southern Moon Rhythm Saves the Day composer
   Storm Music Bingo Crosbyana composer
   Storm Music Jeepers Creepers composer
   Storm Music Porky the Rain-Maker composer
   Storm Music The Horn Blows at Midnight composer
   Sunset Land The Single Standard composer
   Tempest Porky the Rain-Maker composer
   Tempest The Crimes of Stephen Hawke composer
   Tempest The Lone Stranger and Porky composer
   Tempest The Ticket of Leave Man composer
   The Clown Porky's Moving Day composer
   The Fox Trail Get Along Little Hubby composer
   The Hurricane Daffy's Southern Exposure composer
   The Hurricane Fish Tales composer
   The Tempest Daffy's Southern Exposure composer
   The Tempest Fish Tales composer
   The Tempest The Crimes of Stephen Hawke composer
   The Wooing Hour Camera Hunting composer
   The Wooing Hour Margaret McKee: Famous Whistler composer
   Then I'll Know Why Alibi composer
   Tingles Pop Goes Your Heart composer
   Traffic Falling Hare composer
   Traffic Flowers for Madame composer
   Traffic Kiddin' the Kitten composer
   Traffic Milk and Money composer
   Traffic Porky the Fireman composer
   Traffic Porky the Gob composer
   Traffic We, the Animals - Squeak! composer
   Treacherous Knave Buddy's Bug Hunt composer
   Treacherous Knave Milk and Money composer
   Treacherous Knave The Blow Out composer
   Treacherous Knave Uncle Tom's Bungalow composer
   Triumphal Music Porky's Snooze Reel composer
   Under The Weather Betrayal writer
   Violence Why Be Good? composer
   Waltz Rose Smilin' Through composer
   Waterfall Baby Take a Bow composer
   Waterfall Baby, Take a Bow composer
   Western Scene Gold Diggers of '49 composer
   Western Scene Porky and Teabiscuit composer
   Western Scene The Daffy Duckaroo composer
   Western Scene You Ought to Be in Pictures composer
   Wings Wings composer
   Woodland Dreams The Tender Years messages.music arranger
   World Events The Brink's Job composer