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Known for his wide-ranging talents, Mark Mancina's film scores traverse almost every genre: drama, action, comedy, suspense, and period epic. His dark, edgy music for the Oscar-winning Training Day (Día de entrenamiento) (2001), is a benchmark score that expanded the boundaries of scoring street-wise drama, and is widely used as a temp track, while his breakout score for Speed: Máxima potencia (1994), another innovative work, influenced the sound of subsequent action movies. Mancin...
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Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
You'll Be in My Heart Tarzan performer
Son Of Man Tarzan II arranger
Strangers Like Me Tarzan performer
He Lives In You The Lion King writer
Two Worlds The Legend of Tarzan arranger
Two Worlds Tarzan performer
Welcome Brother Bear arranger
Bari Improv August Rush writer
Can You Feel the Love Tonight The Lion King producer
Great Spirits Brother Bear arranger
No Way Out (Theme from Brother Bear) Brother Bear arranger
On My Way Brother Bear arranger
Two Worlds Tarzan & Jane arranger
Where You Are Moana composer
Dueling Guitars August Rush producer
Hakuna Matata The Lion King producer
How Far I'll Go (Reprise) Moana composer
I Am Moana (Song Of The Ancestors) Moana composer
I Just Can't Wait to Be King The Lion King producer
Know Who You Are Moana composer
On My Way Sing Along Songs: Brother Bear - On My Way arranger
Shadowland Australian Idol writer
Shiny Moana composer
Welcome Sing Along Songs: Brother Bear - On My Way arranger
Welcome To This Day (Reprise) Brother Bear 2 producer
You and Me Jetsons: The Movie writer
   Camille (main title theme) Camille writer
   Can't Get Enough Death Chase composer
   Cocktail Man Cry Macho writer
   Crackin' Nuts Red composer
   Criminal Minds Criminal Minds writer
   Criminal Minds (TV Show Intro / Main Song Theme) Criminal Minds writer
   Criminal Minds Theme Criminal Minds writer
   Criminal Minds Titelmusik Criminal Minds writer
   Do You Remember Love? Rage to Kill performer
   El vive en ti Dreamland writer
   Elevator Stall What's the Difference? composer
   Find a New Home Cry Macho writer
   For A Moment Rage to Kill performer
   He Lives In You The Lion King II: Simba's Pride arranger
   He Lives in You Idols writer
   HOME Jetsons: The Movie writer
   Home Hell on the Battleground writer
   Home Hell on the Battleground writer
   It's Not Over Yet Night Wars performer
   Jane's Theme Tarzan & Jane writer
   Just in Case Night Wars writer
   Leaving Home (Find My Way) Tarzan II producer
   Party, Party, Party Rage to Kill performer
   Rough Up the Beat Pyrates writer
   Speed TK Re-Mix Speed 2: Cruise Control writer
   Strangers Like Me Tarzan Activity Center arranger
   Team Work Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden performer
   The Song of Life Tarzan & Jane composer
   Theme from Bad Boys Bad Boys for Life writer
   Theme from Criminal Minds Criminal Minds writer
   Title Theme Man of the House writer
   Traitor Crash I Want You Back performer
   Transformation Brother Bear arranger
   Transformation Sword in the Stone arranger
   Twister Main Theme A Família Caipira na Delegacia Maluca writer
   Twister Theme Running Away writer
   Two Worlds Tarzan Activity Center arranger
   Who Am I? Tarzan II producer