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La Danse De Mardi Gras Passion Fish arranger
China Doll Honeydripper writer
   America the Beautiful Silver City arranger
   Baby Blue Lianna writer
   Baby Blue Prefontaine writer
   Battle Hymn of the Republic Silver City arranger
   Behind the Dunes Sunshine State writer
   Boss of the Block The Brother from Another Planet performer
   Buccaneer Daze Sunshine State composer
   Buccaneer March Sunshine State composer
   BURNIN' MY HEART OUT Key Exchange writer
   Burnin' My Heart Out Shallow Grave writer
   Burning My Heart Out The Brother from Another Planet performer
   Buster's Place Sunshine State writer
   Can Can Music of the Heart arranger
   Can't Get To Heaven Shallow Grave writer
   Can't Get To Heaven From Here Lianna writer
   Canción d San Isidro Labrador Amigo arranger
   Chasin' the Caboose Honeydripper writer
   DINERO Key Exchange writer
   Dinero Prefontaine writer
   Dinero The Brother from Another Planet performer
   FIRE IN THE HOLE Matewan writer
   GATHERING STORM Matewan composer
   Gavotte in C Say It Isn't So performer
   Georgy Porgy Limbo writer
   Getaway The Brother from Another Planet performer
   Graffito Disguise Something's Gotta Give performer
   Hail to the Chief Silver City arranger
   Happy Days Are Here Again Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken performer
   He And She Shallow Grave performer
   Homeboy The Brother from Another Planet performer
   Honeydripper Honeydripper writer
   Kee Kee Kee Ki Go for Sisters writer
   KuLa Marcha de Cadiz Amigo arranger
   La Llorona Silver City arranger
   Lagrimas De Acero Lone Star writer
   Leadville Tattoo Silver City writer
   LIFELINE Key Exchange writer
   Lookin' For Love The Opposite of Sex arranger
   Loving You Is Hell Enough For Me Limbo writer
   ONLY JOKING Key Exchange writer
   Paint The Town Blue Lianna writer
   Papertrail Lone Star writer
   PEOPLE ARE TALKING Key Exchange writer
   Pilot Mode The Opposite of Sex performer
   Pilot Mode Shallow Grave writer
   Players Club Go for Sisters writer
   Plug the Box Back In Honeydripper writer
   Police Prefontaine writer
   Promised Land The Brother from Another Planet performer
   Que Mas Go for Sisters writer
   Quién Sera Casa de los babys writer
   RIGHT FROM THE HEART Key Exchange writer
   Sa Magandang Silangan Amigo arranger
   Salsa Dia Prefontaine writer
   Sam And Pilar Lone Star writer
   Serbian Interlude Prefontaine writer
   Shiloh Shallow Grave writer
   Silver City Waltz Silver City writer
   Skeeter Pie Sunshine State composer
   Slidin' Boogie Honeydripper writer
   Standing by the Highway Honeydripper arranger
   The Boots They Come and the Boots They Go Return of the Secaucus Seven performer
   The Juggler Casa de los babys writer
   The Last Mile of the Way Sunshine State arranger
   The Mexican Alps Silver City writer
   The Music Keeps Rollin' On Honeydripper writer
   The Waitress Lianna writer
   There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight Amigo arranger
   Three Blind Mice Silver City arranger
   Tonight Lianna writer
   Tonight Shallow Grave writer
   Trains Crossing Where the Heart Is writer
   Tres Cervezas Go for Sisters writer
   Twinkle Medley Music of the Heart arranger
   Two Legs Out in the World Go for Sisters writer
   Ty's Shadow Honeydripper writer
   Vas a Llorar Go for Sisters writer
   Waitress Shallow Grave writer
   We Shall Overcome Music of the Heart arranger
   Weren't So Bad What Used To Be Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken writer
   WHAT YOU NEED TONIGHT Key Exchange writer
   What You Need Tonight Prefontaine writer
   Women of the World Lianna writer
   You Can't Get to Heaven from Here The Brother from Another Planet performer
   You Got to Choose Honeydripper writer
   Yvonne Prefontaine writer