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Friendship Parada writer
SCHEHERAZADE Song of Scheherazade performer
FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE Song of Scheherazade performer
SONG OF INDIA Song of Scheherazade performer
Dragnet Dragnet writer
FANDANGO Song of Scheherazade performer
GYPSY SONG Song of Scheherazade performer
HYMN TO THE SUN Song of Scheherazade performer
Parade of Charioteers Man on the Moon writer
   A TIME TO LOVE A Time to Love and a Time to Die composer
   Alexandra's Song Knight Without Armour composer
   Allegro molto agitato e tumultuoso Adventures of Superman writer
   Allegro molto agitato e tumultuoso Atom Squad writer
   Arlesiana Lust for Life messages.music arranger
   Asphalt Jungle (Main Title) The Woman Chaser writer
   Badner Madln Fedora messages.music arranger
   Ben Hur Spisok korabley writer
   Carrousel Lust for Life messages.music arranger
   Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Opus 24 The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes composer
   Danger Ahead Drafty, Isn't It? writer
   Danger Ahead Dragnet writer
   Danger Ahead Fahrenheit 9/11 writer
   Danger Ahead Inspector Gadget writer
   DANGER AHEAD Memphis writer
   Danger Ahead Think Like a Man Too writer
   Danger Ahead (Dragnet Theme) Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat writer
   Danger Ahead (Dragnet Theme) The Cat in the Hat writer
   Danger Ahead' (Theme from 'Dragnet Cops and Robbersons writer
   Dead Men's Bolero Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid composer
   Dix's Demise Desperate Search composer
   DRAGNET Bert performer
   El Cid Battal Gazi Destani composer
   Excerpts Chicago Joe and the Showgirl composer
   Fanfare from Ben-Hur Roadies performer
   Fanfare To Prelude / Prelude / Marcia Romana Ben-Hur writer
   Fiesta The Bribe composer
   Green Fire Green Fire composer
   Happy Idiot Waltz The Dirty Dozen composer
   Hungarian Lullabye The Thief of Bagdad composer
   I Want To Be A Sailor The Thief of Bagdad composer
   Julius Caesar Overture Trust writer
   King of Kings - Prelude The Righteous Gemstones performer
   La Perica The Bribe composer
   Le Cid Les fourberies de Scapin performer
   Lost Weekend Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey writer
   Lost Weekend Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey writer
   Love Theme / Ring For Freedom Ben-Hur writer
   Love Theme from El Cid (The Falcon and the Dove) The 34th Annual Academy Awards writer
   Loved One So Proudly We Hail! composer
   Memories Spice World writer
   Music from 'The Strange Love of Martha Ivers' The Babadook writer
   New England Symphony Time Out of Mind composer
   Opening Music Q Planes composer
   Overture Ben-Hur writer
   Phir tere shehar mein El Cid composer
   Prelude The Turning Point composer
   Prelude (original version) The Turning Point composer
   Punishment Femme Fatale writer
   Rosza Conducts Rosza' -- 'Theme from 'Brute Force'' and 'Theme from 'The Killers' The Atomic Cafe performer
   Spellbound Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey writer
   Spellbound Hollywood in Vienna 2012 composer
   Spellbound Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey writer
   Spellbound Concerto Spellbound writer
   Star Of Bethlehem / Adoration Of The Magi Ben-Hur writer
   Strange Love The Strange Love of Martha Ivers writer
   The Falcon and the Dove El Cid composer
   The Fight Q Planes composer
   THE FORTIES Last Embrace composer
   The Hallway Manhattan Murder Mystery writer
   The King Of Kings Journey Through the Past writer
   The Last Spring Fedora messages.music arranger
   The More I Know of Love The Killers composer
   The Sea The Thief of Bagdad composer
   The Song of Ivanhoe Ivanhoe composer
   The World, the Flesh and the Devil Sing Your Song writer
   Theme from 'Dragnet' Young People's Concerts: What Does Music Mean composer
   Theme from 'Dragnet' New York Philharmonic Young People's Concerts composer
   Theme from Dragnet (Danger Ahead) The Simpsons composer
   Theme From Dragnet (Danger Ahead) Dragnet composer
   There'll Always Be an England The Hour Before the Dawn messages.music arranger
   Time Out of Mind Time Out of Mind composer
   Titles Q Planes composer
   Triumphal March From Quo Vadis Ben-Hur writer
   Valse Crepusculaire (piano) Entre tinieblas writer
   Victory Parade WrestleMania IX performer