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Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
Bachelor Party Bachelor Party producer
Something Isn't Right Bachelor Party performer
Flesh 'N Blood Ghostbusters II performer
Ain't This the Life Urgh! A Music War performer
Dead Man's Party Chuck performer
Dead Man's Party NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service performer
Dead Man's Party Back to School performer
Dead Man's Party The Immortals performer
Dead Man's Party Clueless performer
Dead Man's Party Some Jerk with a Camera performer
Home Again Dirty Cops: Ta Batsonia: A Greek Novel About Crisis composer
Insects Seder-Masochism performer
Just Another Day That Was Then... This Is Now performer
Just Another Day Stranger Things performer
Little Girls Pauly Shore Is Dead performer
No One Lives Forever Casper: A Spirited Beginning performer
No One Lives Forever Down Twisted performer
No One Lives Forever Shrunken Heads performer
No One Lives Forever The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 performer
Not My Slave Something Wild performer
Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself) The US Festival performer
Only a Lad Surf II performer
Only A Lad Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off performer
Private Life Stingray performer
Stay Donnie Darko performer
Stay Any Questions for Ben? performer
We Close Our Eyes Psych performer
WEIRD SCIENCE Weird Science performer
Weird Science Dancing with the Stars performer
Weird Science Annedroids performer
Weird Science Bumblebee performer
Capitalism Independent Lens performer
Capitalism Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room performer
Dead Man's Party The Blacklist performer
Dead Man's Party Supergirl performer
Dead Man's Party Superstore performer
Dead Man's Party Magnum P.I. performer
Dead Man's Party Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin performer
Forbidden Zone Theme Forbidden Zone performer
Goodbye, Goodbye Average Joe performer
Goodbye, Goodbye Fast Times at Ridgemont High performer
Goodbye, Goodbye The US Festival performer
Happy Summer School composer
Hold Me Back Surf II performer
Home Again Home Alone 3 performer
Home Again Wisdom performer
Home Again Wisdom performer
Home Again 1st Indie Fest of YouTube Videos 2013 performer
Home Again Funny Show Presents performer
Little Girls Animeme performer
OUTRAGEOUS Teen Wolf Too performer
Same Man I Was Before My Best Friend Is a Vampire performer
Violent Love The Adventures of Ford Fairlane performer
Weird Science American Dad! performer
Who Do You Want To Be American Wasteland performer
Who Do You Want To Be Tony Hawk's American Wasteland performer
Wild Sex in the Working Class Sixteen Candles performer
Winning Side She's Out of Control performer
   Bachelor Party Theme Bachelor Party producer
   Better Luck Next Time The Last American Virgin performer
   Dead Man's Party 9-1-1 performer
   Don't Go in the Basement Face Like a Frog performer
   Finale Forbidden Zone composer
   Finale Forbidden Zone composer
   Grand Finale Forbidden Zone performer
   Home Again Treloi Enwmenoi Pote Nikimenoi!! performer
   Home Again 1st Independent Video Film Festival of Youtube 2013 performer
   I Got to Be Entertained Longshot performer
   Minnie the Moocher Forbidden Zone performer
   Skin Nightbreed performer
   Theme from 'Weird Science' Beavis and Butt-Head performer
   Weird Science Atop the Fourth Wall performer
   Weird Science Ghosted performer
   Weird Science For Facts Sake performer
   Who Do You Want To Be Today Bachelor Party performer
   Who Do You Want To Be Today? Bachelor Party performer
   WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE TODAY? Teen Wolf Too performer