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Phil Marshall is a native Southern Californian and is the son of Jack Marshall (a prolific music composer for such television series "The Munsters", "Laredo", "Wagon Train" and many Tammy and Elvis movies).Phil attended the University of Irvine, majoring in Research Psychology and Music Composition. While at UCI, he wrote music for many acclaimed television commercials with companies such as IBM, Mattel, Yamaha, Xerox, Carl's Jr, Subaru, Mazda and others. Phil was classically trained by the reno...
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Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
   18 Wheels Right on Track writer
   A Vow to Him The Ditchdigger's Daughters writer
   Angel from Heaven K-11 writer
   BIG BAND BASH Kiss Toledo Goodbye composer
   BOSSA DE ROMANCE Carpool performer
   Cash Milk Money composer
   CHA CHA MOMMA Romeo Is Bleeding writer
   Da Zydeco Zombie Smitty writer
   GIVE ME YOUR HEART Always writer
   Going Home The Man Who Came Back writer
   Harping Around Kicking and Screaming writer
   LEAVIN' THIS EVENIN' Beyond Reason writer
   LEAVIN' THIS EVENIN' Money Play$ writer
   LITTLE GUY Beyond Reason writer
   LITTLE GUY Money Play$ writer
   Love Call Stepsister from Planet Weird writer
   Maple Leaf Rag Smitty performer
   Money Slips Through My Fingers Greedy producer
   More Than I Want You Flying Blind writer
   NEVER The Right Temptation writer
   Never Zenon: The Zequel writer
   Night Run The Warriors writer
   No Name Blues Apollo 11 writer
   PEPPY THE PEGUIN Kiss Toledo Goodbye composer
   Phil's Funk K-11 writer
   POWER HOUSE The Right Temptation writer
   Second Time Around Smitty writer
   Skiing Moguls Alley Cats Strike writer
   Skiing Moguls Aspen Extreme performer
   Soft Way Of Talkin Greedy performer
   Soft Way Of Talkin' Greedy writer
   Soft Way Of Talking Full Moon in Blue Water composer
   Something Blue Kicking and Screaming performer
   Survivor Of Love Full Moon in Blue Water composer
   Tell Me Some Lies Where the Money Is writer
   THE BIG SWING Romeo Is Bleeding writer
   The Escape The Man Who Came Back writer
   THE POLITICS OF LOVE The Distinguished Gentleman performer
   The Question of Love Kicking and Screaming writer
   Thinkin' Rolling Vengeance writer
   Try'n To Wait Aspen Extreme performer
   V's Apt. Blues Milk Money composer
   Variation on a Disco King Kicking and Screaming writer
   Walk With Me Rolling Vengeance producer
   Whole Darn Thing Smitty writer
   Why Me? Why Me? composer
   Wind Surfing Alley Cats Strike writer