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Riccardo Broschi
Riccardo Broschi was a composer of baroque music and the brother of the opera singer Carlo Broschi, known as Farinelli. Broschi was born in Naples, the son of Salvatore Broschi, a composer and chapelmaster of the Cathedral of the Puglinese citizens, and Caterina Berrese. The Broschi family moved to Naples at the end of 1711, and enrolled Riccardo, their firstborn, in the Conservatory of S. Maria d...
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   Alcina, dramma per musica in tre atti (1735) Alcina performer
   Ombra Fedel Anch'io Fracture writer
   Ombra fedele anch'io A Voice Out of the Cold: Vivica Genaux composer
   Ombra fedele anch'io' [Dario's Solo: Act II, Scene XI, from Opera 'Idaspe Farinelli writer
   Qual guerriero in campo armato A Voice Out of the Cold: Vivica Genaux composer
   Qual guerriero in campo armato' [Dario's Solo: Act I, Scene XVI, from Opera 'Idaspe Farinelli writer
   Se Al Labbro Mio Non Crede' [Instrumental of Aria, from Oprera 'Artaserse Farinelli writer
   Son qual nave ch'agitata' [Arbace's Solo, from Opera 'Artaserse Farinelli writer