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Pertti Olavi Spede Pasanen was a film director and producer, comedian, humorist, inventor, TV personality and practitioner of gags. During his career he directed, wrote, produced or acted in about 50 movies and participated in numerous TV productions, including the comedy Spede Show and the game-show Speden Spelit. Much of his more commercial work was in collaboration with Vesa-Matti Loiri and Simo Salminen. Pasanen's films and TV shows, often made fast and inexpensively in a conveyor-belt mode,...
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Pronomini-rock Spede performer, writer Buy Pronomini-rock on Amazon
Haaskalinnut saalistaa Speedy Gonzales - noin 7 veljeksen poika performer Buy Haaskalinnut saalistaa on Amazon
   Kaikki leikkimökkelöi Noin 7 veljestä performer Buy Kaikki leikkimökkelöi on Amazon
   Potkut sain Vesku performer Buy Potkut sain on Amazon
   Pronomini-Rock Jos sais kerran writer Buy Pronomini-Rock on Amazon
   Rotestilaulu Jos sais kerran writer Buy Rotestilaulu on Amazon