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Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
play soundtrack Amore Mental writer
play soundtrack Clair De Lune Bloodsport III performer
play soundtrack Amore Shark in Venice performer
play soundtrack Hit the Road Dallas Buyers Club producer
play soundtrack Wrong Path Dallas Buyers Club writer
play soundtrack Cocktail Lullaby Mozart and the Whale performer
play soundtrack Cocktail Lullaby The Beaver performer
play soundtrack Cocktail Lullaby Undisputed II: Last Man Standing performer
play soundtrack The Sound Of Violence The Social Network performer
play soundtrack The Sound of Violence Sing writer
   2 Kinds of Love Straight-Jacket composer
   52nd Street Mercenary for Justice writer
   After Dinner Ava writer
   Ain't Nobody's Business Lovelace producer
   All the Way in Love War, Inc. writer
   All There Is? Larva performer
   Alleluia Melisma The Shield performer
   Auld Lang Syne Crooner Holidate writer
   Baby Loves Me All the Time The Lucky Ones writer
   Bach Courente American Venus performer
   Back on the Outside Run for the Money composer
   Back on the Outside Hard Cash composer
   Backwards Kyrie Hellraiser: Hellseeker composer
   Bebop For Tenor The Caller writer
   Boardwalk Reggae Lies & Illusions writer
   Born To Lose Messengers performer
   Bossa del Breezy The Extra Man writer
   Bump & Grind Edge of America writer
   Butterfly Etude The Prestige performer
   Caroling Deck the Halls The Oranges producer
   Caroling Hark the Herald The Oranges producer
   Caroling Jingle Bells The Oranges producer
   Caroling Joy to the World The Oranges producer
   Cartoon Cacophony Feast writer
   Cast a deadly spell Today You Die writer
   Cast A Spell Flash Gordon writer
   Cast a Spell It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia performer
   Cast a Spell Righteous Kill writer
   Cast a Spell Straight-Jacket composer
   Cast a spell See You Soon writer
   Cello Soliloquy The Caller writer
   Chorus of Angels Kristian performer
   Claire de lune Clutter arranger
   Clarinet Bandleader Amelia writer
   Clarinet Bandleader New York City Serenade writer
   Close To Mine Lies & Illusions writer
   Cocktail Jump Shanghai writer
   Cocktail Lullaby War, Inc. writer
   Come On Shake Your Body Efter brylluppet writer
   Come See Me Tonight Delirious performer
   Come See Me Tonight Punisher: War Zone writer
   Come See Me Tonight The Hoax writer
   Come See Me Tonight GLOW writer
   Come See Me Tonight (Bossa) The Neighbor writer
   Come see my sale The Angriest Man in Brooklyn performer
   Crime Story Shuffle Straight-Jacket composer
   Cute & Hefty Supernatural writer
   Cute and Hefty Straight-Jacket composer
   Danse Arabesque Messengers performer
   Dark Mysterious Choir Ninja writer
   Demday Dam Special Forces composer
   Dinner at eight The Angriest Man in Brooklyn writer
   DJEMBE DANCE An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn performer
   Dream Maker, Heart Breaker Mercenary for Justice writer
   Dream Maker, Heart Breaker The Neighbor writer
   Dreamland He's Such a Girl writer
   E Major String Quartet Mercenary for Justice arranger
   Far Too Long Teeth writer
   Flowing Waters Finding Rin Tin Tin writer
   Flute And Sax Tango Lies & Illusions performer
   Foot Stompin' Banjo Nomadland writer
   Forever in the Stars Project Shadowchaser III composer
   GIVE IT TO ME GOOD True Vengeance composer
   Give It To Me Good Cold Harvest composer
   Glancing Lovers Hope Springs performer
   Herbie's Cantina Run for the Money composer
   Herbie's Cantina Hard Cash composer
   Here We Go to Kokomo Straight-Jacket composer
   Here With Me Lies & Illusions writer
   Hey Little Lady Boycott writer
   High Ball Sonata Mozart and the Whale performer
   High Ball Sonata Relative Strangers performer
   His and Hers The Beach Bum performer
   Hit the Road Moving McAllister writer
   Holdin' On Run for the Money composer
   Holdin' On Hard Cash composer
   Hootchie Cootchie Dance Try Seventeen composer
   I Love So Much About You The Meddler writer
   I've Never Been This Blue Gym Teacher: The Movie writer
   I've Never Been This Blue Straight A's writer
   Indian Elixer The Patriot writer
   Irish Pub Source Lies & Illusions writer
   Is That All There Is Special Forces composer
   Is That All There Is? Cold Harvest composer
   It's Time for Christmas Crooner El cantante writer
   It's You And Me Tonight I Love You Phillip Morris writer
   Jose's Rap Run for the Money composer
   Jose's Rap Hard Cash composer
   Kennies Pennies Girls Will Be Girls writer
   Let's Not Talk About It Straight-Jacket composer
   Lindy Matic Shanghai writer
   Little Jack Frost Billionaire Boys Club producer
   Loser Edge of America writer
   Lover's Glance The Iceman writer
   Lover's Glance Southpaw writer
   Maybe One Day Run for the Money writer
   Maybe One Day Hard Cash writer
   Melisma Alleluia P2 writer
   Melrose Plaza Muppets Most Wanted performer
   Mexican Cantina The Wedding Pact producer
   Mi Corazón Lies & Illusions writer
   Mighty Military Men Straight-Jacket composer
   Money, Money, Money Rap Run for the Money composer
   Money, Money, Money Rap Hard Cash composer
   Moonlight Sonata Midnight Fear performer
   Movie Star Try Seventeen composer
   My Diary Feast writer
   New York, New York War, Inc. arranger
   Nifty Road Junction Shanghai writer
   Nocturne Righteous Kill writer
   Palisades Polka The Prince & Me performer
   Party Redux Close Range composer
   Peligro Redux Close Range composer
   Police Detective March Straight-Jacket composer
   Pool Fight Music Lionheart performer
   Post Trumpet Call 90210 composer
   Post Trumpet Call Finding Rin Tin Tin writer
   Prelude #1 in C Midnight Fear performer
   Rage Against Loud Guitars Hellraiser: Hellseeker composer
   Reveille Finding Rin Tin Tin arranger
   Rhythm Of The Kumite Bloodsport III writer
   Run Away Run for the Money composer
   Run Away Hard Cash composer
   Samba For Tap Lies & Illusions writer
   Sanctus Raging Sharks writer
   SCHUBERT: TRIO IN E-FLAT, OP.100 The Mechanic performer
   See Me Cry Dirty Girl writer
   Sentimental Serenade Shanghai writer
   Set Me Free Half Nelson writer
   Sing Sing Sing Shanghai producer
   Sizzling Surf Run for the Money composer
   Sizzling Surf Hard Cash composer
   Slow and Sexy Combo Sorte kugler writer
   So Little Time Spin writer
   Song for Dixie War, Inc. writer
   Spaced Out Office Hellraiser: Hellseeker composer
   SRO Dancer Theme Straight-Jacket composer
   Stars Shine on You Finding Rin Tin Tin writer
   Stright Jacket Straight-Jacket composer
   Strut For Shearing Frankie & Alice performer
   Struttin' Easy Peasy Nomadland writer
   Sweet Little Lady Love, Marilyn writer
   T'ain't Nobody's Business Straight A's arranger
   Take a Chance on Love Hard performer
   Take Me Home Tonight Straw Dogs writer
   Tap Dance Special Straight-Jacket composer
   Tell the Story Blues Straight-Jacket composer
   The Battle Hymn of the Republic War, Inc. arranger
   The Battle Hymn of the Republic (Glory, Glory Hallelujah) War, Inc. arranger
   The First Noel (Nina) The Oranges producer
   The Sound of Violence Dance Paradise writer
   Tonight Loungy Lies & Illusions writer
   Torch Song Gold writer
   TRASHGRUNGE True Vengeance writer
   Trumpet Volunteer Mercenary for Justice composer
   Tu Eres A Que Y Asado Lies & Illusions writer
   Ultimate Hollywood Straight-Jacket composer
   Water Sonata with Boy Choir The Secret writer
   Way Of The Tropics Lies & Illusions writer
   We in the Money Run for the Money composer
   We in the Money Hard Cash composer
   We So Bad Run for the Money composer
   We So Bad Hard Cash composer
   We Will Live Forever Amelia writer
   Work Me To the Bone What Women Want writer
   WRONG PATH Drive Angry writer
   Wrong Path Moving McAllister writer
   You Cast a Spell on Me Run for the Money composer
   You Cast a Spell on Me Hard Cash composer
   You Cast an Elevator Girls Will Be Girls writer
   You Gotta Decide Try Seventeen composer
   You Were Always Meant for Me The Possession writer
   You'll Never See Me Cry The Patriot composer
   You're an 8 Run for the Money composer
   You're an 8 Hard Cash composer
   You're What I Need the Most Nynne composer
   You're What I Need the Most The Men Who Stare at Goats writer
   You're What I Need the Most The Iceman writer