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Thomas Newman
Thomas Montgomery Newman is an American composer best known for his many film scores. Newman has received a total of twelve Academy Award nominations. He has won two BAFTAs, six Grammys and an Emmy, and has been nominated for three Golden Globes. Newman was honored with the Richard Kirk award at the 2000 BMI Film and TV Awards. The award is given annually to a composer who has made significant contributions to film and television music.
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Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
Down to Earth WALL·E producer
Define Dancing Disney Magic Kingdom writer
Down to Earth Elysium composer
Neptune Six Feet Under performer
FUTURE'S BRIGHT The Adjustment Bureau writer
It Only Takes a Moment WALL·E writer
A Charge to Keep I Have Fried Green Tomatoes performer
American Beauty Slash 3 performer
First Day Disney Magic Kingdom performer
To the Shock of Miss Louise The Epic of Detective Mandy: Book Two - Spoof of the Living Dead writer
Writing's on the Wall (Instrumental) The Sound of 007 performer
End Title Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar composer
Loverly Spring Atop the Fourth Wall performer
Loverly Spring Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events performer
Orchard House Little Women performer
Skyfall Skyfall writer
The Living Proof The Help writer
   ...P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney... Finding Nemo writer
   2815 A.D. WALL·E writer
   72 Degrees and Sunny WALL·E writer
   Adrenaline Skyfall writer
   All Drains Lead to the Ocean Finding Nemo writer
   All That Love's About WALL·E writer
   Any Other Name 3.z writer
   Any Other Name Through the Letterbox writer
   Back To The Carnival The Lost Boys composer
   Barracuda Finding Nemo writer
   Baseball Sicko writer
   Blocks An Inconvenient Truth composer
   Bloodless Freak A Perfect Day writer
   Bloodless Freak The Robinsons: Lost in Space writer
   Bnl WALL·E writer
   BNL Jingle De rouille et d'os composer
   BNL Jingle WALL·E composer
   Boys Need a Mother Nightbooks writer
   Brave New World Skyfall writer
   Breadcrumbs Skyfall writer
   Bubble Wrap. WALL·E writer
   Buddy Threadgoode Fried Green Tomatoes writer
   CAFE POLKA Men Don't Leave producer
   Can't Sleep An Inconvenient Truth composer
   Can't Sleep #2 Sicko writer
   Chez Olaf Sicko writer
   Close Shave Skyfall writer
   Compass and Guns Wimbledon writer
   Creek House P.O.V. writer
   Creek House The Longest Yard composer
   Curl Away My Son Finding Nemo writer
   Darla Filth Offramp Finding Nemo writer
   Day Wasted Skyfall writer
   Dead Already Madagascar writer
   Dead Already Skeppsholmen composer
   Dead Already A Many Splintered Thing composer
   Deep Water Skyfall writer
   Define Dancing WALL·E writer
   Desperate Eve WALL·E writer
   Directive A-113 WALL·E writer
   Down to Earth The 81st Annual Academy Awards composer
   Drill Finding Nemo writer
   Enjoying Death Skyfall writer
   Enquiry Skyfall writer
   Eve WALL·E writer
   Eve Retrieve WALL·E writer
   Eye Surgery WALL·E writer
   Field Trip Finding Nemo writer
   Filter Attempt Finding Nemo writer
   Finding Nemo Finding Nemo writer
   First Day Finding Nemo writer
   Fish in My Hair! Finding Nemo writer
   Fish-o-Rama Finding Nemo writer
   Fishing Grounds Finding Nemo writer
   Fixing WALL.E WALL·E writer
   Flesh & Bone Three Kings writer
   Foolproof Finding Nemo writer
   Foreign Contaminant WALL·E writer
   Friends Not Food Finding Nemo writer
   Fronds Like These Finding Nemo writer
   Gill Finding Nemo writer
   Gopher WALL·E writer
   Granborough Road Skyfall writer
   Grand Bazaar, Istanbul Skyfall writer
   Haiku Finding Nemo writer
   Health & Safety Skyfall writer
   Hobble P.O.V. writer
   Hyperjump WALL·E writer
   I Am Many He Named Me Malala writer
   It's Dancing Time Six Feet Under performer
   Jellyfish Skyfall writer
   Jellyfish Forest Finding Nemo writer
   Just a Feller Ainda Há Pastores? writer
   Kill Them First Skyfall writer
   Komodo Dragon Skyfall writer
   Liar's Polka Grumpier Old Men writer
   LIAR'S POLKA Grumpy Old Men writer
   Lost Finding Nemo writer
   Lost in Fog Finding Nemo writer
   Loverly Spring Sicko writer
   Loverly Spring A Series of Unfortunate Events performer
   Loverly Spring Cumulonimbus Kandarian performer
   Lucy Sicko writer
   M-O WALL·E writer
   March of the Gels WALL·E writer
   May The Boss Baby: Family Business writer
   Milk The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It writer
   Modigliani Skyfall writer
   Mother Skyfall writer
   Mr. Ray, Scientist Finding Nemo writer
   Mt. Wannahockaloogie Finding Nemo writer
   Mutiny! WALL·E writer
   Nemo Egg (Main Title) Finding Nemo writer
   New Digs Skyfall writer
   News Travels Finding Nemo writer
   No Splashing No Diving WALL·E writer
   One Kiss Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous writer
   Outside 2B Three Kings writer
   Pelicans Finding Nemo writer
   Push Bong of the Dead performer
   Quartermaster Skyfall writer
   Repair Ward WALL·E writer
   Road Island Ainda Há Pastores? writer
   Road to Chicago Ainda Há Pastores? writer
   Rogue Robots WALL·E writer
   Root Beer Nature writer
   School of Fish Finding Nemo writer
   Scum Angel Finding Nemo writer
   Septuacentennial. WALL·E writer
   Séverine Skyfall writer
   Shanghai Drive Skyfall writer
   She's Mine Skyfall writer
   Short-Term Dory Finding Nemo writer
   Silhouette Skyfall writer
   Six Feet Under (Original Main Theme) Six Feet Under performer
   Someone Usually Dies Skyfall writer
   Sound Off (Duckworth Chant) Jarhead writer
   Squishy Finding Nemo writer
   Static WALL·E writer
   Stay Awake Finding Nemo writer
   Still Dead A Perfect Day writer
   Suite Streets (Main Titles) Quicksilver writer
   Swim Down Finding Nemo writer
   Sydney Harbour Finding Nemo writer
   Teach Your Children Six Feet Under performer
   Tennyson Skyfall writer
   The Axiom WALL·E writer
   The Bad Beginning Sicko writer
   The Baudelaire Orphans Sicko writer
   The Beast Is Coming Three Kings writer
   The Bloody Shot Skyfall writer
   The Chimera Skyfall writer
   The Divers Finding Nemo writer
   The Holo-Detector WALL·E writer
   The Little Clownfish From the Reef Finding Nemo writer
   The Moors Skyfall writer
   The Newsroom Main Theme The Newsroom writer
   The Newsroom Main title soundtrack The Newsroom performer
   The Orchard Phenomenon writer
   The Spaceship WALL·E writer
   The Turtle Lope Finding Nemo writer
   The Wide Window Fun with Dick and Jane writer
   There Was Snow P.O.V. writer
   Thrust WALL·E writer
   Tilt WALL·E writer
   Time to Let Go Finding Nemo writer
   To the Shock of Miss Louise Cold Hearts composer
   To The Shock Of Miss Louise The Lost Boys composer
   Typing Bot. WALL·E writer
   UNDERSTANDING GRAVITY Reckless composer
   Voluntary Retirement Skyfall writer
   Wake Ainda Há Pastores? writer
   Wall-E Theme Disney Magic Kingdom writer
   Wall.e WALL·E writer
   WALL.E's Pod Adventure WALL·E writer
   Welcome to Scotland Skyfall writer
   Whisper of a Thrill Meet Joe Black writer
   Why Trust a Shark? Finding Nemo writer
   Worry Wait WALL·E writer
   Wow Finding Nemo writer