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Tony Sbarbaro
Antonio Sparbaro, better known as Tony Sbarbaro or Tony Spargo was an American jazz drummer associated with New Orleans jazz. He was the drummer of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band for over 50 years.
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TIGER RAG I Ain't Got Nobody writer
OSTRICH WALK The Curious Case of Benjamin Button performer
Tiger Rag King of the Hill writer
Tiger Rag Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven performer
Tiger Rag The Big Broadcast writer
Tiger Rag The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg composer
Tiger Rag The Singing Marine writer
Tiger Rag Tucker: The Man and His Dream performer
At The Jazz Band Ball Magic in the Moonlight writer
Ostrich Walk The National Parks: America's Best Idea writer
Tiger Rag The Perry Como Show writer
Tiger Rag Your Hit Parade writer
Tiger Rag Double Jeopardy performer
Tiger Rag The Happiness Remedy composer
Tiger Rag Big Sur writer
Tiger Rag Møv og Funder composer
Tiger Rag American Masters writer
Tiger Rag Boardwalk Empire composer
TIGER RAG Livshunger writer
Tiger Rag The Revlon Revue composer
Tiger Rag Birth of the Blues writer
TIGER RAG Chaplin composer
Tiger Rag Harry Reser and His Eskimos composer
Tiger Rag Leatherheads performer
Tiger Rag Loverboy performer
Tiger Rag Memoirs of a Geisha performer
Tiger Rag Puss n' Toots performer
Tiger Rag Soft Lights and Sweet Music writer
Tiger Rag That's the Spirit writer
Tiger Rag The Wishing Stone composer
TIGER RAG Variety Girl writer
Tiger Rag Yes Acoustic writer
Tiger Rag Vince Giordano: There's a Future in the Past writer
   At the Jazzband Ball Bluff Stop writer
   Battle Hymn of the Republic/Livery Stable Blues/Taps/Tiger Rag Boardwalk Empire writer
   Clarinet Marmalade Grace Johnston and The Indiana Five writer
   Hold That Tiger The American Film Institute Salute to Fred Astaire writer
   Mournin' Blues Boardwalk Empire writer
   Ostrich Walk Boardwalk Empire writer
   Ostrich Walk Parade's End performer
   Save That Tiger! A Tiger Walks composer
   Tiger Rag De la B a la Z writer
   Tiger Rag I've Got a Secret composer
   Tiger Rag Make Room for Daddy writer
   Tiger Rag The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis writer
   Tiger Rag The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show writer
   Tiger Rag An All-Colored Vaudeville Show composer
   Tiger Rag At the Circus writer
   Tiger Rag Betty Boop and Grampy writer
   Tiger Rag Bimbo's Initiation composer
   Tiger Rag Black Angel writer
   Tiger Rag Blitz Wolf composer
   Tiger Rag Bright Young Things writer
   Tiger Rag Cinerama Holiday composer
   Tiger Rag Dixieland Droopy composer
   Tiger Rag Dixieland Jamboree writer
   Tiger Rag Earl Burtnett and His Biltmore Hotel Orchestra composer
   Tiger Rag Fine Feathered Friend composer
   TIGER RAG Flubber writer
   Tiger Rag Freddie Fisher and His Band composer
   Tiger Rag Goopy Geer composer
   Tiger Rag Grounds for Marriage performer
   Tiger Rag Gus Arnheim and His Ambassadors writer
   Tiger Rag Has Anybody Seen My Gal writer
   Tiger Rag Hi, Beautiful composer
   Tiger Rag Hits and Bits of 1938 writer
   Tiger Rag Hold That Tiger writer
   Tiger Rag Horace Heidt and His Californians composer
   Tiger Rag Is Everybody Happy? composer
   Tiger Rag Juke Box Jenny writer
   Tiger Rag Little Miss Broadway composer
   Tiger Rag Minnie the Moocher composer
   Tiger Rag Moontide writer
   Tiger Rag No Way Out writer
   Tiger Rag Oh, Susanna! composer
   Tiger Rag On the Road composer
   Tiger Rag Pretty Baby writer
   Tiger Rag Rhythm on the River composer
   Tiger Rag Sandy Is a Lady writer
   Tiger Rag ShowBusiness: The Road to Broadway writer
   Tiger Rag Sin-copation composer
   Tiger Rag Sing a Song composer
   Tiger Rag Smash Your Baggage composer
   Tiger Rag Snow-White composer
   Tiger Rag Strike Up the Band writer
   Tiger Rag Take the High Ground! writer
   Tiger Rag The Band Beautiful composer
   Tiger Rag The Divorcee composer
   Tiger Rag The Egg and I writer
   Tiger Rag The First Hundred Years writer
   Tiger Rag The Old Mill Pond writer
   Tiger Rag The Sid Saga Part 1 writer
   Tiger Rag Uncle Tom's Cabaña writer
   Tiger Rag Under Your Hat writer
   Tiger Rag Ups 'n Downs composer
   Tiger Rag Use Your Imagination writer
   Tiger Rag Vitaphone Internationals writer
   Tiger Rag Walt Roesner and the Capitolians composer
   Tiger Rag Why Be Good? composer
   Tiger Rag Wild Elephinks composer
   Tiger Rag Yes: Acoustic writer
   Tiger Rag The Lively Ones writer
   Tiger Rag Smash Your Baggage composer
   Tiger Rag Svengoolie composer
   Tiger Rag Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm writer
   Tiger Rag Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town writer
   Tiger Rag Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm writer
   Tiger Rag Manhattan writer
   Tiger Rag Little Swee'pea composer
   Tiger Rag Taking the Blame composer
   Tiger Rag The Dodge Dancing Party (1955) {County Fair composer
   Tiger Rag (Hold That Tiger) Mickie Finn's writer
   Tiger Rag (Hold That Tiger) The Old Homestead writer