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Blueberry Hill Konsten att städa writer
Avalon Hidden Hollywood: Treasures from the 20th Century Fox Film Vaults composer
Avalon The Aviator composer
Avalon The Cat's Meow composer
Avalon The Jolson Story composer
Blueberry Hill Lipstick on Your Collar writer
Blueberry Hill Rock & Chips composer
Blueberry Hill Shindig! composer
Blueberry Hill The Big Record composer
Blueberry Hill Timex All-Star Jazz Show composer
Blueberry Hill 9 Dead Gay Guys writer
Blueberry Hill Firstborn composer
Blueberry Hill Heavy Petting composer
Blueberry Hill Let the Good Times Roll writer
Blueberry Hill Mama's Going to Buy You a Mockingbird writer
Blueberry Hill Mischief writer
Blueberry Hill Summertime Blues: Lemon Popsicle VIII writer
Blueberry Hill The Man Who Fell to Earth writer
Blueberry Hill The Singing Hill writer
Blueberry Hill Twelve Monkeys composer
Blueberry Hill Capone writer
Whispering Boardwalk Empire writer
Avalon Sweet and Lowdown writer
Avalon Lovecraft Country writer
Blueberry Hill The Sixties writer
Blueberry Hill The Eyes of Tammy Faye writer
The Umbrella Man The Singing Detective composer
Whispering Greenwich Village performer
Avalon American Masters writer
Avalon Shindig! composer
Avalon Casablanca composer
Avalon The Helen Morgan Story composer
Avalon The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg writer
Linger A While The Cat's Meow writer
Whispering Mighty Aphrodite composer
   'Whispering The Perry Como Show writer
   American Prayer She's a Sweetheart composer
   Avalon Boardwalk Empire writer
   Avalon Hawaiian Eye composer
   Avalon Agnes Moorehead Is God! composer
   Avalon Buddy Steps Out composer
   Avalon Cairo composer
   Avalon Dark Passage composer
   Avalon Dreamboat composer
   Avalon East of Eden composer
   Avalon Hannah and Her Sisters writer
   Avalon Hollywood Canine Canteen composer
   Avalon Hollywood's Magical Island: Catalina writer
   Avalon It's a Wonderful Life composer
   Avalon Jan Savitt and His Band composer
   Avalon Janie composer
   Avalon Jerry Livingston and His Talk of the Town Music composer
   Avalon King of the Lumberjacks composer
   Avalon Look for the Silver Lining composer
   Avalon Malibu Beach Party composer
   Avalon Margie writer
   Avalon My Dream Is Yours composer
   Avalon Pirate Party on Catalina Isle composer
   Avalon Porky at the Crocadero composer
   Avalon Reflections in a Golden Eye writer
   Avalon Seeing Red composer
   Avalon The Benny Goodman Story writer
   Avalon The Eddie Cantor Story composer
   Avalon The Glass Menagerie composer
   Avalon The Happy Time composer
   Avalon The Last Ride composer
   Avalon The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond writer
   Avalon The White Countess writer
   Avalon You Can't Escape Forever composer
   Avalon You Said a Mouthful composer
   Avalon You're Only Young Once composer
   Avalon You're an Education composer
   Avalon California's Gold writer
   Avalon La Bolduc writer
   Bluberry Hill Srok composer
   Blueberry Hill American Masters composer
   Blueberry Hill Starsky and Hutch writer
   Blueberry Hill Rock Odyssey writer
   Blueberry Hill Sugar & spice: Fûmi zekka writer
   Blueberry Hill Happy Days writer
   Blueberry Hill Mike and Mike in the Morning writer
   Blueberry Hill The Nat King Cole Show composer
   Blueberry Hill The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon composer
   Blueberry Hill Cannon and Ball writer
   Blueberry Hill Stars in Their Eyes writer
   Blueberry Hill Grease Day USA writer
   Linger Awhile King of Jazz composer
   Linger Awhile All About Eve composer
   Linger Awhile The Nat King Cole Show composer
   Linger Awhile Vince Giordano: There's a Future in the Past writer
   Lovely Little Silhouette Dick Rich and His Synco-Symphonists composer
   Pardon Me Pretty Baby (Don't I Look Familiar to You?) The Cotton Club composer
   Sweetheart of My College Days The Stolen Melody composer
   The Umbrella Man American Masters composer
   The Umbrella Man A Peck o' Trouble composer
   The Umbrella Man Bars and Stripes Forever composer
   The Umbrella Man Baseball Bugs composer
   The Umbrella Man Believe It or Else composer
   The Umbrella Man Bugs Bunny's Easter Special composer
   The Umbrella Man Bushy Hare composer
   The Umbrella Man Ceiling Hero composer
   The Umbrella Man Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur composer
   The Umbrella Man Detouring America composer
   The Umbrella Man Land of the Midnight Fun composer
   The Umbrella Man Little Boy Boo composer
   The Umbrella Man Meatless Flyday composer
   The Umbrella Man No Buddy Atoll composer
   The Umbrella Man Notes to You composer
   The Umbrella Man Peck Up Your Troubles composer
   The Umbrella Man Pied Piper Porky composer
   The Umbrella Man Pilgrim Porky composer
   The Umbrella Man Prest-O Change-O composer
   The Umbrella Man The Crackpot Quail composer
   The Umbrella Man The Good Egg composer
   The Umbrella Man The Up-Standing Sitter composer
   The Umbrella Man The Wagons Roll at Night composer
   Whispering Magnolia writer
   Whispering Poison Pen writer
   Whispering The Great Gatsby writer
   Whispering Artistry in Rhythm writer
   Whispering Hearts of the West writer
   Whispering Sven Klangs kvintett writer
   Whispering Så vit som en snö writer