David Vanacore Soundtracks

Filmography: David Vanacore songs

Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
   A good win Medal of victory writer
   All worked up Big brother writer
   Amplificar Cuban chrome writer
   Amplificar Sweet 15: quinceañera writer
   Amplificar Suave says writer
   Apretado Sweet 15: quinceañera writer
   Are we there yet Paul williams still alive writer
   Are you smarter than a 5th grader Are you smarter than a 5th grader? writer, producer
   Azucaton United shades of america writer
   Azucaton Sweet 15: quinceañera writer
   Azucaton Food to get you laid writer
   Azucaton Jill & jessa counting on writer
   Azucaton Cake boss writer
   Baile oscuro The hero writer
   Big brother theme Big brother composer
   Brinca duro Big papi needs a job writer
   Brinca duro Are you the one: second chances writer
   Brinca duro United shades of america writer
   Brinca duro David tutera's celebrations writer
   Con peligro Big papi needs a job writer
   Cool diva Finding the funk writer
   Count up Vacation writer
   Cutthroat Vacation writer
   Falling down on you The unknown cyclist writer
   Fuego internal Suave says writer
   Goodness Medal of victory writer
   Gran energia Alaskan women looking for love writer
   Hot fuego Big papi needs a job writer
   Hot fuego Invite only cabo writer
   Hot fuego Sweet 15: quinceañera writer
   Hot fuego Suave says writer
   Hot fuego David tutera's celebrations writer
   Increase Post grad writer
   Intense 4 Vacation writer
   Mikro ritmo Sweet 15: quinceañera writer
   Mikro ritmo Food to get you laid writer
   Military Vacation writer
   Mueva conmigo Sweet 15: quinceañera writer
   Mueve conmigo Wags miami writer
   Noche fuerza Wags miami writer
   Nonstick sticky slap Vacation writer
   Pftv slam it Fire in the hole writer
   Properly My bloody valentine writer
   Regulate Big brother writer
   Regulatefullmix Big brother writer
   Rumbaton Wags miami writer
   Rumbaton Suave says writer
   Scare-fest Ghost hunters writer
   Stakeout The fighter writer
   Undermined Vacation writer
   Vida rumba Wags miami writer
   Vida rumba Suave says writer
   Vida rumba David tutera's celebrations writer
   Voices drone Ghost hunters writer
   Wendy williams show (main theme) Mike and dave need wedding dates writer, performer
   Worked theme Big brother writer