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Malcolm Lockyer

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play soundtrack Sparkling Brass Holy Man performer
   Breaking Point Avgörandet Floyd - Ingo composer
   Brighton Run Be My Guest composer
   Changing Moods Night Plane to Amsterdam composer
   Cuppa Cha Cha Sweet Beat composer
   Dance Date The Flying Scot composer
   Denver Station Avgörandet Floyd - Ingo composer
   Denver Station Ringside composer
   Easy Beat Mallrats writer
   Easy Beat Two Family House writer
   Easy Beat Avgörandet Floyd - Ingo composer
   Five Golden Dragons Five Golden Dragons composer
   Guess Who Mirakel writer
   Holiday Magic SpongeBob SquarePants composer
   Just Judy Confession composer
   Just Judy They Can't Hang Me composer
   Lazy Latin Holy Man performer
   Like Basie Saturday Night Live composer
   Like Basie Seinfeld composer
   Mambonanza Destination Death composer
   Mambonanza The Flying Scot composer
   Mr. Gliss Avgörandet Floyd - Ingo composer
   Mr. Gliss Ringside composer
   Oh My Cha Cha Sweet Beat composer
   Open Date Sweet Beat composer
   Red White and Blue Confession composer
   Slightly Cool Sweet Beat composer
   Smoke Room Boogie The Flying Scot composer
   Smoke Room Boogie They Can't Hang Me composer
   Smoke Room Boogie Rätten att älska composer
   Sparkling Brass Bart Got a Room writer
   Studio A Ringside composer
   Take Your Time Operation Cupid composer
   Teraway Brass Rue des plaisirs writer
   The Echo Samba One Way Out composer
   The Echo Samba The Flying Scot composer
   The Partisans' Patrol Ringside composer
   The Real Me The Vengeance of Fu Manchu composer
   The Red Parasol Rumba The Flying Scot composer
   The Sliding Mr. Bones Bart Got a Room writer
   The Sliding Mr. Bones Seinfeld composer
   The Stroller Ringside composer
   The Tango Dancer Malèna writer
   The Tango Dancer The Flying Scot composer
   Time of Our Lives Five Golden Dragons composer
   Uptown Jazz The Prisoner writer
   Where Are the Men The Vengeance of Fu Manchu composer