Michael Giacchino Soundtracks

Michael Giacchino
Michael Giacchino is an American composer who has composed scores for movies, television series and video games. Some of his most notable works include the scores to television series such as Lost, Alias and Fringe, games such as the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty series, and films such as Mission: Impossible III, The Incredibles, Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Cloverfield, Ratatouille, Up, Super...
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Filmography: Michael Giacchino songs

Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
play soundtrack Ss lost-tanic This is 40 writer, performer
play soundtrack Moving on This is 40 writer, performer
play soundtrack Le festin Ratatouille writer
play soundtrack End title theme Fringe writer, performer
   A bunny can go savage Zootopia writer
   A lesson in vulcan mineralogy Star trek beyond writer
   A long ride ahead Rogue one writer
   A swarm reception Star trek beyond writer
   A whole family of supers Some jerk with a camera writer
   A whole in my hearth Star trek writer
   After the drop War of the servers writer
   Alias theme Alias performer
   All's forgiven... except charlie Lost writer
   At-act assault Rogue one writer
   Back from black Star trek writer
   Black holes have a lot of pull Star trek writer
   Brigadoom Star trek into darkness writer
   Bundle of joy In my life writer
   Buying the space farm Star trek into darkness writer
   Calling all munchkins The muppets' wizard of oz writer, producer
   Cargo shuttle sw-0608 Rogue one writer
   Cater-krall in zero g Star trek beyond writer
   Chutes and matter Star trek writer
   Confrontation on eadu Rogue one writer
   Crash decisions Star trek beyond writer
   Dad's route to school Star trek writer
   Does it still mcfly? Star trek writer
   Dream production Disney magic kingdom writer, performer
   Each night he comes home to me Medal of honor: underground writer
   Earthbound and down Star trek into darkness writer
   Either way, someone's going down Star trek writer
   End credits Star trek writer
   End credits Atop the fourth wall composer
   End title Lost - epilogue: the new man in charge writer
   End title Lost: a journey in time writer
   End title Lost: destiny calls writer
   End title Lost writer
   End title theme (composed by michael giacchino) Fringe writer
   Endangered species Star trek writer
   Enterprising young men Star trek writer
   Ewe fell for it Zootopia writer
   Flying into a trphlthdl Star trek writer
   Foxy fakeout Zootopia writer
   Franklin, my dear Star trek beyond writer
   Fringe end title theme Fringe writer
   Fringe theme song Fringe performer
   Frozen dinner Star trek writer
   Galaxy's worst sushi bar Star trek writer
   Grey's uh-mad at me Zootopia writer
   Hack to the future Star trek writer
   Hail to the chief Star trek writer
   Hangar management Star trek writer
   He's here for us Rogue one writer
   Head to heart conversation Star trek writer
   Hella bar talk Star trek writer
   Hitting the saucer a little hard Star trek beyond writer
   Hope In my life writer
   Hope Rogue one writer
   Hopps goes (after) the weasel Zootopia writer
   Hundred mile dash Some jerk with a camera writer
   I gotta beam me Star trek writer
   I've fallen and i can't beam up! Star trek writer
   I've got a plane to catch Lost writer
   In artifacts as in life Star trek beyond writer
   Jaylah damage Star trek beyond writer
   Jedha arrival Rogue one writer
   Jedha city ambush Rogue one writer
   Jehosafats Star trek writer
   John carter of mars John carter composer
   Jumbo pop hustle Zootopia writer
   Jyn erso & hope suite Rogue one writer
   Kirk enterprises Star trek into darkness writer
   Krall-y krall-y oxen free Star trek beyond writer
   Krennic's aspirations Rogue one writer
   Labor of love Star trek writer
   Letting go Just some morning tea writer
   Logo and prosper Star trek beyond writer
   Logos/pranking the natives Star trek into darkness writer
   London calling Star trek into darkness writer
   Main title Star trek writer
   Mandatory leave of absence Star trek writer
   Married life In my life writer
   Married life Dancing with the stars composer
   Marvel fanfarre Aramburu's magical mystery tour writer
   Marvel fanfarre In my life writer
   Matter? i barely know her! Star trek writer
   Meld-merized Star trek into darkness writer
   Mission: impossible theme Mission: impossible iii producer
   Mocking jaylah Star trek beyond writer
   Mon coeur fait vroum (my heart goes vroom) Cars 2 composer, writer, producer
   Motorcycles of relief Star trek beyond writer
   Movin' on This is 40 writer, performer
   Moving on Reel iconic performer
   Mr. big Zootopia writer
   Nailin' the kelvin Star trek writer
   Narada boom Star trek writer
   Nero death experience Star trek writer
   Nero fiddles, narada burns Star trek writer
   Nero sighted Star trek writer
   Nice to meld you Star trek writer
   Night on the yorktown Star trek beyond writer
   Nijmegen bridge Workaholics writer
   Not a real cop Zootopia writer
   Oceanic 815 Lost writer
   Ode to harrison Bbc proms writer
   One proud mother Star trek writer
   Par-tay for the course Star trek beyond writer
   Parting words Lost writer
   Plan b Your friend the rat performer
   Ramifications Zootopia writer
   Ratatouille main theme In my life writer
   Ratatouille main theme Some jerk with a camera writer
   Rebellions are built on hope Rogue one writer
   Roar! Cloverfield writer
   Rogue one Rogue one writer
   Run and shoot offense Star trek writer
   Scotty's tanked Star trek writer
   Scrambling the rebel fleet Rogue one writer
   Ship to ship Star trek into darkness writer
   Shutdown happens Star trek beyond writer
   Space mountain Kinect disneyland adventures writer
   Spock drops, kirk jumps Star trek into darkness writer
   Spock goes spelunking Star trek writer
   Stage fright Zootopia writer
   Star trek Star trek writer
   Star trek main theme Star trek beyond writer
   Star trek main theme Star trek into darkness writer
   Star trek main theme Bbc proms writer
   Star-dust Rogue one writer
   Sub prime directive Star trek into darkness writer
   Suite from zootopia Zootopia writer
   Thank your lucky star date Star trek beyond writer
   That new car smell Star trek writer
   The dance of the nebula Star trek beyond writer
   The flask at hand Star trek writer
   The gathering Lost writer
   The glory days In my life writer
   The incredits Disney magic kingdom writer
   The incredits So you think you can dance composer
   The kronos wartet Star trek into darkness writer
   The master switch Rogue one writer
   The naturalist Zootopia writer
   The nick of time Zootopia writer
   The package This is 40 writer, performer
   The san fran hustle Star trek into darkness writer
   The songless nightingale Medal of honor: frontline writer
   The spirit of adventure Up writer
   The witch is in the house The muppets' wizard of oz writer
   Three-toe bandito Zootopia writer
   Ticket to write Zootopia writer
   To boldly go Star trek writer
   To boldly go Atop the fourth wall music arranger
   Trekking down the narada Star trek writer
   Trust goes both ways Rogue one writer
   Up main theme The great everything & the nothing performer
   Vulcan gets a good drilling Star trek writer
   Walk and stalk Zootopia writer
   Warp core values Star trek into darkness writer
   Weasel shakedown Zootopia writer
   Welcome back, spock Star trek writer
   What's with you? Star trek writer
   When has become now Rogue one writer
   When i'm with you The muppets' wizard of oz writer, producer
   Wobani imperial labor camp Rogue one writer
   World's worst animal shelter Zootopia writer
   You snowin' me? Star trek writer
   Your father would be proud Rogue one writer