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Christopher Cross: writer,performer

Experience This

Moby: performer

Autumn Sweater

Yo La Tengo: performer

Winter - Four Seasons

Antonio Vivaldi: writer

Experience This

Paul Jones: writer

If You Leave Me Now

Peter Cetera: writer

Mellow Sunday

Michael Tavera: performer,writer

Winter - Four Seasons

Michael Tavera: performer

Frank's Shoes

Jon Butcher: writer,performer


Phosphorescent: performer

The Bump

Deer Tick: performer

Gives You Hell

Tyson Ritter: writer
Nick Wheeler: writer

Don't (Make Waves)

The Gossip: performer

Voices from the Deep

Dave Hewson: writer


David deLaski: writer

Rock to the Rhythm

Lexicon: performer

Every City

Ben Wilson: writer

Down at the Khyber

Joel Plaskett: writer

Flute Overlay


King of the Village Fete

Stephen Coates: writer

The Bump


Soul Connection

Adam Gibbons: producer


Matthew Houck: writer

Never End Up Like This

Fresh Body Shop: performer

The Hunt

Fresh Body Shop: performer

Soul Connection


Chkn My Phone

Kanary Diamonds: performer

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tan Vampires: performer

Power Lines

Michael Lerner: writer
Telekinesis: performer


Girls Love Shoes: performer


90 Pounds of Pete: performer

Bigger Checks

R. Joseph: writer


Beyond Belief: performer

Bigger Checks

Beyond Belief: performer

Messed Up Again

Winston Giles: performer,writer


Boris Skalsky: writer
Dead Heart Bloom: performer

Every City

Orienteers: performer

Whatever You Say

Chun Young Kang: writer
Thuy Duong Le: writer
Soft Shadows: performer

Do My Thing

Xavier Cox: writer
HAVI: performer


Yoodoo Park: writer
GRMLN: performer

Everywhere is Ours

Waste Grease: performer

Keep It To Yourself

Living in Pretend: performer

Crazy On Me

Eighty4 Fly: performer

The Dublife

Afro Omega: performer


Staedler: performer
Waldorf: performer

Never End Up Like This

Roussea Pierre: writer

Emotion as Weapon


Street Down the Walking

Ducked Ape: performer

Chkn My Phone



Charlie Kim: writer,performer

Fix My Life

Melt Yourself Down: performer

Won't Be Long For Now

The Sleepwater Band: performer

Shut It Down

Mr. Robotic: performer

Build A Bomb

JDP: performer

Riff Raff Freestyle

Riff Raff: performer

Name In Lights

Sarah Lichtenberg: performer

Street Jam

Omari Riley: writer
Blee: performer

Big Dreams

Lp Da Original: performer

Hustle Step

Beatblazer: performer

8 Inch Nail

Jeff Iantorno: writer
Jeff Eden: performer,writer

Defend or Attack

Justin Slazinik: writer
Left Brain Heart: performer

The Hunt

Pierre Rousseau: writer


Robert Joseph: writer

Molar Madness

David J. Weiner: writer,performer

A Donde Vas

Beat Buffet: performer

5 Days Left

United Dope Front: performer

Rock to the Rhythm



Pair of Arrows: performer


THURZ: performer

The One

Nicholas Pino: writer
Jealous Monk: performer


Diamond Youth: performer

Roll the Dice

Koufax: performer

They Murk You (Feat. Missing Elements)

M. Benoit: writer
T. Benoit: writer

Move Something

Damon Hill: writer

Let Us In, Come On

Nathan Wagner: writer

Yeah People

T. Kvesic: writer

King of the Village Fete

Joe Coles: writer
Lazarus: performer
the Plane Crash: performer

Sun Is Rising (feat. Boryka)

Lance Jordan: writer
B. Zubatov: writer

Flute Overlay

Ed Begley, Jr..: performer

Country Dancing Cowboy

Clan Greco: performer

Panther 4

D.H. Phillips: writer
Robert Marchant: writer
Steve Visneau: writer


John Kelly: writer


Brian Golub: writer
Seed: performer


Masonic: performer,writer

Open to the World

Amelito Bokayo: writer
Lorenzo Navalta: writer

Crooked Walk

Tenfold Pigeon: performer

Won't Stop

Rudebrat: performer

Getcha Hands Together

Jamin Wilcox: writer
J-Man: performer


Keith Evans: writer
Sonen: performer

Analog Riot

The Warrior Bros.: performer

The Forbidden Dance

Shane Eli: performer

Can't Stay

Venue: performer

Far Gone

Trent Waterman: writer
Portage: performer

Love Police

Elliott Kozel: writer

Pop Song

Elliott Kozel: writer

Love Police


Pop Song


Soul Connection


Faces, Places

Gregory Nelson: writer
Gavin Rhodes: writer
Lightouts: performer

Open Ya Mind

Sara Khula: writer,performer

Ride With Da Music

Sara Khula: writer,performer


Vera Flash: performer

Put Me To Sleep

Mauro Remiddi: writer
Porcelain Raft: performer

We Are

Cassette Kids: performer

How Long

Gary Levitt: writer
Setting Sun: performer

Harlem River

Kevin Morby: performer

Down at the Khyber


Mischief Night


Touched by a Demon


Baby Man

The Mad Caps: performer


Shayna Zaid: performer
the Catch: performer

Do Do Do

Seasalt Biscuits: performer


Drew Todd: writer,performer


Louis Hackett: writer
Louis Slipperz: performer


DJ Moonstone: performer

15's Slappin'

Jared Magers: writer
Zyme: performer

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Jacob Mehrmann: writer

The Boardwalk

Lizzie: performer
the Yes Men: performer

Soundtrack of the New Age

The New Beans: performer

All the Possibilities

Quebec Antique: performer

Larger Than Life

Serengeti: performer


John Davies: writer
Pixeljam: performer


Jeffrey Byron: writer
Byro: performer


Anthony Evora: writer
Treologic: performer

Touched by a Demon


I Like It

Ran Shem Tov: writer
Izabo: performer

Very Nice

Pavel Polyakov: writer
Copy Cat Project: performer

Life Music


Gives You Hell

Todd Fasen: performer

Never End Up Like This

Pedro Rousseau: writer

The Hunt

Pedro Rousseau: writer

Can't Stay

Chris May: writer

Flute Overlay

Ed Begley Jr.: performer

If You Leave Me Now

Karan Soni: performer

Cat Daddy

Scott Margulis: writer
G.R.E.A.T.: performer

Turns Turns Turns

Majical Cloudz: performer
Devon Welsh: writer

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