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Betas was released in the year 2013, some songs of the official soundtrack are Sailing by Christopher Cross, 15's Slappin' by Zyme, 1993 by GRMLN, 5 Days Left by United Dope Front. Listen the soundtrack online!

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Christopher Cross: performer, writer

15's slappin'

Zyme: performer
Jared Magers: writer


GRMLN: performer
Yoodoo Park: writer

5 days left

United Dope Front: performer

8 inch nail

Jeff Eden: performer, writer
Jeff Iantorno: writer

A donde vas

Beat Buffet: performer


Sonen: performer
Keith Evans: writer

All the possibilities

Quebec Antique: performer

Analog riot

The Warrior Bros.: performer

Autumn sweater

Yo La Tengo: performer

Baby man

The Mad Caps: performer

Big dreams

Lp Da Original: performer

Bigger checks

Beyond Belief: performer
R. Joseph: writer


Byro: performer
Jeffrey Byron: writer


the Catch: performer
Shayna Zaid: performer

Build a bomb

JDP: performer

Can't stay

Venue: performer
Chris May: writer

Cat daddy

G.R.E.A.T.: performer
Scott Margulis: writer

Chkn my phone

Kanary Diamonds: performer


Masonic: writer, performer


Treologic: performer
Anthony Evora: writer

Country dancing cowboy

Clan Greco: performer

Crazy on me

Eighty4 Fly: performer

Crooked walk

Tenfold Pigeon: performer

Customer satisfaction survey

Tan Vampires: performer
Jacob Mehrmann: writer


David deLaski: writer
: writer
John Kelly: writer

Defend or attack

Left Brain Heart: performer
Justin Slazinik: writer

Do do do

Seasalt Biscuits: performer

Do my thing

HAVI: performer
Xavier Cox: writer

Don't (make waves)

The Gossip: performer


THURZ: performer

Down at the khyber

Joel Plaskett: writer

Emotion as weapon


Every city

Orienteers: performer
Ben Wilson: writer

Everywhere is ours

Waste Grease: performer

Experience this

Moby: performer
Paul Jones: writer

Faces, places

Lightouts: performer
Gregory Nelson: writer
Gavin Rhodes: writer

Far gone

Portage: performer
Trent Waterman: writer

Fix my life

Melt Yourself Down: performer

Flute overlay

Ed Begley Jr.: performer
Ed Begley, Jr..: performer

Frank's shoes

Jon Butcher: writer, performer

Getcha hands together

J-Man: performer
Jamin Wilcox: writer

Gives you hell

Todd Fasen: performer
Tyson Ritter: writer
Nick Wheeler: writer

Harlem river

Kevin Morby: performer

How long

Setting Sun: performer
Gary Levitt: writer


Vera Flash: performer

Hustle step

Beatblazer: performer

I like it

Izabo: performer
Ran Shem Tov: writer

If you leave me now

Karan Soni: performer
Peter Cetera: writer

Keep it to yourself

Living in Pretend: performer

King of the village fete

the Plane Crash: performer
Lazarus: performer
Stephen Coates: writer
Joe Coles: writer

Larger than life

Serengeti: performer


Beyond Belief: performer
Robert Joseph: writer

Let us in, come on

Nathan Wagner: writer

Life music


Love police

Elliott Kozel: writer

Mellow sunday

Michael Tavera: performer, writer

Messed up again

Winston Giles: performer, writer

Mischief night


Molar madness

David J. Weiner: writer, performer

Move something

Damon Hill: writer

Name in lights

Sarah Lichtenberg: performer

Never end up like this

Fresh Body Shop: performer
Roussea Pierre: writer
Pedro Rousseau: writer


Louis Slipperz: performer
Louis Hackett: writer

Open to the world

Amelito Bokayo: writer
Lorenzo Navalta: writer

Open ya mind

Sara Khula: performer, writer


Diamond Youth: performer

Panther 4

: writer
D.H. Phillips: writer
Robert Marchant: writer
Steve Visneau: writer

Pop song

Elliott Kozel: writer

Power lines

Telekinesis: performer
Michael Lerner: writer


90 Pounds of Pete: performer

Put me to sleep

Porcelain Raft: performer
Mauro Remiddi: writer

Ride with da music

Sara Khula: writer, performer

Riff raff freestyle

Riff Raff: performer

Rock to the rhythm

Lexicon: performer

Roll the dice

Koufax: performer


DJ Moonstone: performer

Shut it down

Mr. Robotic: performer


Seed: performer
Brian Golub: writer


Charlie Kim: performer, writer


Dead Heart Bloom: performer
Boris Skalsky: writer

Soul connection

Adam Gibbons: producer

Soundtrack of the new age

The New Beans: performer


Girls Love Shoes: performer


Drew Todd: writer, performer

Street down the walking

Ducked Ape: performer

Street jam

Blee: performer
Omari Riley: writer

Sun is rising (feat. boryka)

Lance Jordan: writer
B. Zubatov: writer


Pair of Arrows: performer


Waldorf: performer
Staedler: performer


Pixeljam: performer
John Davies: writer

The boardwalk

the Yes Men: performer
Lizzie: performer

The bump

Deer Tick: performer

The dublife

Afro Omega: performer

The forbidden dance

Shane Eli: performer

The hunt

Fresh Body Shop: performer
Pierre Rousseau: writer
Pedro Rousseau: writer

The one

Jealous Monk: performer
Nicholas Pino: writer

They murk you (feat. missing elements)

M. Benoit: writer
T. Benoit: writer

Touched by a demon


Turns turns turns

Majical Cloudz: performer
Devon Welsh: writer

Very nice

Copy Cat Project: performer
Pavel Polyakov: writer

Voices from the deep

Dave Hewson: writer

We are

Cassette Kids: performer

Whatever you say

Soft Shadows: performer
Chun Young Kang: writer
Thuy Duong Le: writer

Winter - four seasons

Michael Tavera: performer
Antonio Vivaldi: writer


Phosphorescent: performer
Matthew Houck: writer

Won't be long for now

The Sleepwater Band: performer

Won't stop

Rudebrat: performer

Yeah people

T. Kvesic: writer

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