Project Gotham Racing 2 Soundtrack (2003) OST

Listen Project Gotham Racing 2 (2003) Soundtrack

Project Gotham Racing 2 was released in the year 2003, some songs of the official soundtrack are Away From You by Noise Ratchet, 19/2000 by Gorillaz, Aisle 10, Mad Lib Remix by Scapegoat Wax, Amygdale by Heather Duby. Listen the soundtrack online!

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Away from you

Noise Ratchet: performer
Brandon Young: writer
Jon Jameson: writer
Joel Hosler: writer
Roger Molina: writer
Evan White: writer


Gorillaz: composer

Aisle 10, mad lib remix

Scapegoat Wax: performer


Heather Duby: performer

Barbed wire

Zen Guerrilla: performer

Beat em up

Iggy Pop: composer

Broken tape decks

LA Symphony: performer

Bump that

Bathgate: performer


Injected: performer

Call it what you want

LA Symphony: performer

Catch the sun

Doves: composer

Click click boom

Saliva: composer

Come down

Nebula: performer

Cosmopolitan bloodloss

GlassJaw: performer
Daryl Palumbo: writer
Larry Gorman: writer
Justin Beck: writer
Todd Weinstock: writer


Fujin: performer


Syuusei Murai: performer

D x drive

Kuo Hirota: performer

Deep down & dirty

Stereo MC's: performer

Deep shot

Hash Ball: performer


Spacehog: composer


Eve6: performer

Galaxy bounce


Hoshikuzu no night table

Akiko Kabashima: performer

I fall down

Handsome Devil: composer

I heard you

Good Charlotte: composer

I see sound

Moth: performer

Identity crisis

Pigeon John: performer

Idle hands



Switched: performer


Kittie: composer


Photek: composer

Koi wa


Little things

Good Charlotte: composer

Look at all the people here tonight

David Lee Roth: composer

Looking for a super girl

The Makers: performer


Chevelle: composer

Mondo '77

Looper: composer

My robot

Looper: composer

Nekosogi hosii

Saeko Kai: performer

Pardon the wait

Dan Keyes: writer

Passion, harley mix

Gearwhore: composer

Radio cambodia

GlassJaw: performer
Daryl Palumbo: writer
Larry Gorman: writer
Justin Beck: writer
Todd Weinstock: writer


Sir Mix-a-Lot: performer

Roll out

Timbaland: performer
Magoo: performer

Same ol' same ol', hip-hop mix

PYT: performer


L.A. Guns: composer

Set it off

Shuvel: composer

Slam dunk

DLR Band: performer

Slave beat

Junior Sanchez: composer

Some things never fall

The Black Halos: performer

Souljahz don't stop

Souljahz: performer

Space chappie

Color Variation: performer


Kittie: composer

Split c-j

Inner Cafe: performer

Stay out of jail

Love as Laughter: composer


Love Seed Mama Jump: performer

Tastes like burning

Polecat: performer

Teach me

Groovenics: performer

Temptation island

Love as Laughter: composer

That's what you got


Throw yo hands up

Souljahz: performer

Time of your life

The Yo-Yo's: composer, performer

To leave it now


What i said


What you say

Skrape: performer

Whatever happened to my rock & roll


You are my battlestar

Q-Burns: performer

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