Prom Soundtrack (2011) OST

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    Prom (2011) Soundtrack

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    AKA spanish:

    Fin de curso

    AKA german:

    Prom - Die Nacht deines Lebens

    AKA italian:

    Prom - Ballo di fine anno

    Tags: Prom, High School, Rebel, Class President, School Vandalism

    Rating: 4.9/10 from 6920 votes
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Listen Prom (2011) Soundtrack

Prom was released in the year 2011, some songs of the official soundtrack are No One's Gonna Love You by Band of Horses, 100/0 (Snowdays Forever) by Sunny Day in Glasgow, 1983 by Neon Trees, Almost There by Lauren Hillman. Listen the soundtrack online!

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No one's gonna love you

Band of Horses: performer
Ben Bridwell: writer

100/0 (snowdays forever)

Ben Daniels: writer
Jen Goma: writer


Neon Trees: performer
Tim Pagnotta: writer
Tyler Glenn: writer
Elaine Doty: writer
Chris Cross: writer
: writer

Almost there

Lauren Hillman: writer, performer
Opus Orange: performer

Break your heart

Ludacris: writer, performer
Taio Cruz: writer, performer
Fraser T. Smith: writer

Can't find entrance

Those Dancing Days: performer
Max Martin: writer
Karl Schuster: writer
: writer
Rebecka Rolfart: writer
Linnea Jonsson: writer
Mimmi Evrell: writer
Johan Schuster: writer
Shellback: writer

Can't keep my hands off of you

Simple Plan: performer
Rivers Cuomo: writer
Pierre Bouvier: writer
Chuck Comeau: writer
Charles Comeau: writer

Come on, let's go

Girl In A Coma: performer
Ritchie Valens: writer


Passion Pit: performer
Noel Hogan: writer

Fill in the blank

Attack Rabbit!: performer
James Roach: writer


Katy Perry: performer, writer
Ester Dean: writer
Mikkel Eriksen: writer
T.E. Hermansen: writer
Sandy Wilhelm: writer
Esther Dean: writer
Tor Hermansen: writer
Sandy Vee: writer

Heart in your heartbreak

Kurt Feldman: writer
Kip Berman: writer
Peggy Wang: writer

I'll be yours

Those Dancing Days: performer
: writer
Rebecka Rolfart: writer
Linnea Jonsson: writer
Mimmi Evrell: writer


Shout Out Louds: performer
Adam Olenius: writer

In deep

Shere: performer
Jeremy Shere: producer, writer
Dan Shere: writer
Daniel Shere: producer, writer

No one's gonna love y ou

Band of Horses: performer
James Hampton: writer

Not your birthday

Allstar Weekend: performer
All-Star Weekend: performer
busbee: writer
J. Kalinkewicz: writer


Keili Lefkovitz: performer
Deborah Lurie: writer, producer
Peter Seibert: writer
: writer
Joe Nussbaum: writer
Pete Seibert: writer

Please speak well of me

The Weepies: performer
Deb Talan: writer
Steve Tannen: writer

Prettiest thing

Oh Darling!: performer
: writer

Secret crush

Rachel McClusky: performer, writer

Slow burning crimes

East Hundred: performer
Will Blair: writer
Brooke Blair: writer
Susan Gager: writer
Beril Guceri: writer
Dave Sunderland: writer
Beryl Guceri: writer

Stick hippo

Stick Hippo: performer
Billy Lincoln: writer, producer
Michael Gurley: producer, writer
David King: writer, producer

Time stand

Moon: writer, performer
Chris McLaughlin: producer

Too late

M83: performer
Morgan Kibby: writer

We could be anything

Nolan A. Sotillo: performer
Nolan Sotillo: writer, performer
Keaton Simons: producer, writer

We'll be alright

Travie McCoy: performer
Bruno Mars: performer, writer
Gareth Coombes: writer
Michael Quinn: writer
Daniel Goffey: writer
Philip Lawrence: writer
Gaz Coombes: writer
Jonathan Yip: writer
Ray Romulus: writer
Stereotypes: producer
The Smeezingtons: producer


Smith Westerns: performer
Cullen Omori: writer
Max Kakacek: writer
Cameron Omori: writer

Young blood

Alisa Xayalith: writer
Thomas Powers: writer
Aaron Short: writer
Thom Powers: writer

Your surrender

Neon Trees: performer
Sam Hollander: writer
Tyler Glenn: writer
Elaine Doty: writer
Chris Cross: writer
David Katz: writer

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