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Andy Cato is one half of the electronic dance band, Groove Armada, the other half being Tom Findlay. He was also involved with Rachel Foster in Weekend Players, another electronic dance group, between 2001 and 2004.
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   Dead Cert Saturday Night Live escritor
   Game Thing Girlfriends escritor
   Game Thing Who Killed Johnny escritor
   Geisha Girl Dance Moms escritor
   IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE (Cato Remix) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps intérprete
   Kusari - Battle Freelancer escritor
   Kusari - Danger Freelancer escritor
   Kusari - Space Freelancer escritor
   Nitesky (feat. John LaMonica) (Cato remix) How to Get Away with Murder intérprete
   Red Will Be Missed Girlfriends escritor
   Rheinland - Battle Freelancer escritor
   Rheinland - Cityscape: Hamburg Freelancer escritor
   Rheinland - Cityscape: New Berlin Freelancer escritor
   Rheinland - Cityscape: Stuttgart Freelancer escritor
   Rheinland - Cityscape: Vogtland Freelancer escritor
   Rheinland - Danger Freelancer intérprete
   Rheinland - Exploration Freelancer escritor
   Salvation Station The Crazy Ones escritor
   Salvation Station Alaska State Troopers escritor
   Shadow Lands Born in Battle escritor
   Slow Burn North America escritor
   Slow Burn Alaska State Troopers escritor
   Slow Burn I Shouldn't Be Alive escritor
   Slow Burn The American West escritor
   Sofia Factor Dexter intérprete
   Sonus Spiritus Stone escritor
   Stake Out Smokin' Aces intérprete
   Thunderworld (Perc Mix) Scoundrels escritor
   Thunderworld (Perc Mix) Top Gear escritor
   Thunderworld (Perc Mix) North America escritor
   Thunderworld (Perc Mix) Alaska State Troopers intérprete
   Urban Hoedown Who Killed Johnny escritor
   Who's There Born in Battle intérprete
   Yang Bang America's Next Top Model intérprete
   Yang Bang Next intérprete