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Earlimart is an Indie rock band formed in 1996 in Los Angeles, California, and named after the town of Earlimart, California. The main members are Aaron Espinoza and Ariana Murray. Their early sound has been described as post-punk, and compared to that of Pixies, Sonic Youth and Sparklehorse; later music has been compared to that of Grandaddy and Elliott Smith. In 2009, Espinoza and Murray joined...
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Play Banda sonora Película/Serie Tipo Consigue la canción
Interloper Six Feet Under intérprete
Interloper The Vampire Diaries intérprete
Before It Gets Better 90210 intérprete
Before It Gets Better The Vampire Diaries intérprete
Bloody Nose Shameless intérprete
Broke The Furniture One Tree Hill intérprete
Happy Alone One Tree Hill intérprete
Happy Alone Humboldt County intérprete
Happy Alone TiMER intérprete
Sounds Kyle XY intérprete
Sounds Mr. Woodcock intérprete
The world Dollhouse intérprete
The World Suits intérprete
We Drink On The Job The O.C. intérprete
We Drink On The Job The Art of Getting By intérprete
   700>100 (Instr.) Shameless intérprete
   All They Ever Do Is Talk Veronica Mars intérprete
   Before It Gets Better Ugly Betty intérprete
   Bloody Nose One Tree Hill intérprete
   Broke the Furniture Paper Man intérprete
   Burning the crow Kyle XY intérprete
   Face Down In the Right Down One Tree Hill intérprete
   Fakey Fake One Tree Hill intérprete
   It's OK To Think About Ending House M.D. intérprete
   Just Because One Tree Hill intérprete
   Where You Belong One Tree Hill intérprete