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Juno Reactor
Juno Reactor is a musical and performing group known for their cinematic fusion of electronic, global influences, and orchestral symphonic approach, collaborating with composer Don Davis and composing for the musical score of The Matrix. Central to the project is Ben Watkins and his collaborations with a constantly changing ensemble of musicians from across the world. This ensemble has included Mabi Thobejane, Amampondo, Steve Stevens, Eduardo Niebla, Greg Ellis, Taz Alexander, Sugizo, Budgie an...
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Play Banda sonora Película/Serie Tipo Consigue la canción
Mona Lisa Overdrive The Matrix Reloaded productor
Navras The Matrix Revolutions intérprete
Teahouse The Matrix Reloaded intérprete
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Kid's Story intérprete
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE The Animatrix intérprete
Pistolero Once Upon a Time in Mexico intérprete
Pistolero Sugar & Spice intérprete
Burly Brawl The Matrix Reloaded intérprete
CONGA FURY Final Flight of the Osiris intérprete
Conga Fury Mortal Kombat: Annihilation intérprete
CONGA FURY The Animatrix intérprete
God Is God Beowulf intérprete
Guardian Angel Drive intérprete
Guardian Angel Tekunoraizu intérprete
Komit The Matrix Reloaded intérprete
Laughing Gas Vie sauvage intérprete
Samurai Virtuosity intérprete
Tetsujin The Matrix Revolutions intérprete
The Trainman Cometh The Matrix Revolutions intérprete
Conquistador II Jean-Claude Van Johnson intérprete
Control (Juno Reactor Instrumental) Mortal Kombat intérprete
Mind Of The Free Genius Party Beyond intérprete
Tanta Pena Genius Party Beyond intérprete
Tetsujin So You Think You Can Dance intérprete
War Dogs Secuestro express intérprete
   Burly Brawl The Nostalgia Critic compositor
   Feel The Universe Super Dark Times intérprete
   Hula Lam Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa intérprete
   Hulelam Sonho de Verão compositor
   I'm Here...Another Planet Lost in Space escritor
   Narvas So You Think You Can Dance compositor
   Nitrogen Part II Mad Dash Racing intérprete
   Nitrogen Part II Kinetica intérprete