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Paul Kelly
Paul Maurice Kelly is an Australian rock music singer-songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player. He has performed solo, and has led numerous groups, including the Dots, the Coloured Girls, and the Messengers. He has worked with other artists and groups, including associated projects Professor Ratbaggy and Stardust Five. Kelly's music style has ranged from bluegrass to studio-oriented dub reggae, but his core output straddles folk, rock, and country. His lyrics capture the vastness of the cultu...
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Peace Any Given Sunday escritor
Careless Weekend with Kate intérprete
Drive Savages intérprete
Dumb Things Look Who's Talking escritor
DUMB THINGS Young Einstein intérprete
Leaps and Bounds Friday Night Football intérprete
Meet Me in the Middle of the Air The Merger escritor
Nothing on my Mind Lockie Leonard escritor
Before Too Long Thank God He Met Lizzie intérprete
Crosstown Dangerous Game escritor
Drive Comandante intérprete
How to Make Gravy A Moody Christmas intérprete
Leaps and Bounds Molly: The Real Thing intérprete
Love Letter Lockie Leonard escritor
Moon in the Bed Weekend with Kate intérprete
Nukkanya Jindabyne escritor
Treaty Encino Man compositor
Turmoil Savages intérprete
Acid Comandante intérprete
Black Comandante intérprete
Burning Comandante intérprete
Butter Comandante intérprete
Dumb Things The Footy Show intérprete
Little Decisions I Live with Me Dad intérprete
Maybe This Time For Sure SeaChange intérprete
Muffled Strings Comandante intérprete
Nightmare Comandante intérprete
Nothing On My Mind Bootmen intérprete
Rain Comandante intérprete
Static Comandante intérprete
Tease Me Bootmen intérprete
Three Blind Mice Blind Date intérprete
What You Want StalkHer escritor
   11.11 Comandante intérprete
   Beggar On The Street Of Love The Strip escritor
   Cry Like a Man Sliders escritor
   Dumb Things 20 to 1 intérprete
   Dumb Things Australian Idol escritor
   Dumb Things Home and Away compositor
   Dumb Things The Voice escritor
   Dumb Things Friday Night Football intérprete
   Everybody Wants to Touch me Black Bitch escritor
   Foggy Highway Still Breathing escritor
   Hard Knocks Hard Knocks intérprete
   Hard Love The Strip escritor
   Hard Love Back of Beyond escritor
   I Don't Know Anything Anymore One Night the Moon escritor
   I Had Forgotten About You The Strip intérprete
   Little Bones Song One Night the Moon escritor
   Nancy Lee Side Streets intérprete
   One Night The Moon One Night the Moon escritor
   She is off to the Races Jindabyne escritor
   She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain When She Comes The Flying Irishman intérprete
   Somebody's Forgetting Somebody (Somebody's Letting Somebody D0wn) Weekend with Kate escritor
   Subterranean Noise Comandante intérprete
   The Arkansas Traveler Parachute Battalion intérprete
   The Cold Clay One Night the Moon escritor
   The way that I love you Jindabyne escritor
   This Land is Mine One Night the Moon escritor
   Treaty Top End Wedding escritor
   Unfinished Business One Night the Moon escritor
   We've Started a Fire Lucky Break escritor
   What do you know One Night the Moon escritor