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Reinhold Heil is a German-born, L.A.-based Golden Globe nominated film and television composer. Prior to Reinhold's career as a film composer, he was known throughout Europe for his monster synth chops. At 21, he became a fixture in the Berlin music scene as the keyboardist of a popular jazz funk fusion band, marrying jazz, rock, and electronica into a sound all his own. Soon after, Reinhold toured Europe as the keyboardist, co-producer, and co-writer of the legendary German punk band The Nina H...
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Carbonara Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast escritor
Running Three Lola rennt compositor
Running Two Lola rennt intérprete
Wish Dancing at the Blue Iguana escritor
Wish Lola rennt compositor
Wish Stella Shorts 1998-2002 compositor
   201M20 End Title Extension Deutschland 86 intérprete
   203m18 EndTitles Deutschland 86 intérprete
   204m18 EndTitleExtension Deutschland 86 intérprete
   206m17 MartinAndThomas Deutschland 86 intérprete
   206m19 EndTitleExtension Deutschland 86 intérprete
   207m18_EndTitlesExtension Deutschland 86 intérprete
   208m18 EndTitlesExtention Deutschland 86 intérprete
   209m20 EndTitleExtension Deutschland 86 intérprete
   210m20 EndTitleExtension Deutschland 86 intérprete
   Babyloon Winterschläfer escritor
   Casino (Solid State Remix) The Condemned intérprete
   Cloud Atlas: Opening Title Valencia escritor
   Hell Club The Matrix Revolutions escritor
   INTRODUCTION Any Given Sunday intérprete
   Love Goddess Deutschland 86 intérprete
   Nutcracker Suite Opus 71a 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' Helix compositor
   Nutcracker Suite Opus 71a 'Tea' (Chinese Dance) Helix compositor
   Running One Scrubs escritor
   Running One Head Over Heels escritor
   Running One Lola rennt compositor
   Supermarket Mission Hill escritor
   Supermarket Lola rennt compositor
   The International End Title The International escritor
   True Paris, je t'aime escritor
   True Façade Paris, je t'aime escritor
   Where's My Truck The Italian Job compositor