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The Pharcyde
The Pharcyde is an alternative hip hop group based in South Central Los Angeles. The original four members of the group are Imani, Slimkid3, Bootie Brown and Fatlip. DJ Mark Luv was the group's first DJ, followed by producer J-Swift and then J Dilla. The group is best known for the hit singles Drop, Passin' Me By and Runnin', as well as their first album, Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde.
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Officer Freedom Writers intérprete
Oh Shit Above the Rim intérprete
Only You Daria escritor
Otha Fish CB4 intérprete
Runnin' Entourage intérprete
Runnin' 8 Mile intérprete
Runnin' The Sitter intérprete
Keep On Good Burger intérprete
Oh Sh*T 10 Years intérprete
Oh Shit 21 & Over intérprete
Oh Shit Saints Row IV intérprete
Pack The Pipe Half Baked intérprete
Pandemonium Street Fighter intérprete
Passin' Me By Goliath intérprete
Passing Me By Roswell intérprete
Passing Me By Big Daddy intérprete
Passing Me By CB4 intérprete
Passing Me By Lyricist Lounge: Hip Hop Video Classics intérprete
Runnin' Tag intérprete
I'm That Type of Nigga Mid90s intérprete
Oh S**t Get Hard intérprete
Oh Sh*t Ballers intérprete
Oh Shit Whiskey Tango Foxtrot intérprete
Oh, Shit Entourage intérprete
Passin' Me By Aggressive Inline intérprete
Passin' Me By Amongst Friends intérprete
Passin' Me By Mid90s intérprete
Passing Me By Atlanta intérprete
   Oh Shit The Gentlemen intérprete
   Passing Me By Entourage compositor
   Passing Me By New Best Friend compositor
   Runnin' The Underground Railroad intérprete
   Tasty The Sixth Man intérprete
   The Bomb Veronica Mars compositor
   The Rubbers Song Stolen Moments.: Red Hot+Cool intérprete