Blades of Glory Banda sonora (2007) BSO

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    Blades of Glory 2007 poster

    Blades of Glory (2007) Banda sonora

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    Patinazo a la gloria


    Les rois du patin


    Die Eisprinzen


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Escucha Blades of Glory (2007) Banda sonora

In 2002, two rival Olympic ice skaters were stripped of their gold medals and permanently banned from men's single competition. Presently, however, they've found a loophole that will allow them to qualify as a pairs team.

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Let's Get It On

Marvin Gaye: intérprete,escritor

Con te partirò

Lucio Quarantotto: escritor
Sarah Brightman: intérprete

Hot Blooded

Foreigner: intérprete
Mick Jones: escritor

The Stroke

Billy Squier: intérprete

Hot Blooded

Lou Gramm: escritor

Con te partirò

Andrea Bocelli: intérprete
Francesco Sartori: escritor

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Diane Warren: escritor
Aerosmith: intérprete

Good Vibrations

Mark Wahlberg: escritor,intérprete

Let's Get It On

Ed Townsend: escritor

Flash's Theme

Queen: intérprete
Brian May: escritor

Blades of Glory

Melissa Ritter: escritor

Good Vibrations

Donnie Wahlberg: escritor

Blades of Glory

Doug DeAngelis: escritor

Good Vibrations

Dan Hartman: escritor

Blades of Glory

Bo Bice: intérprete
Nicholas Stoller: escritor

My Humps

Will i Am: escritor

Happy Birthday to You

Mildred J. Hill: escritor
Patty S. Hill: escritor

The Grublets Song

Randy Crenshaw: intérprete

The Star Spangled Banner

Francis Scott Key: escritor
John Stafford Smith: compositor

The Grublets Song

Mike Himelstein: escritor

The Star Spangled Banner

Harry Bluestone: arranger

North Korean National Anthem

George Wilson: arranger

The Grublets Song

Beverly Staunton: intérprete
Theodore Shapiro: escritor

Dance Sucka

T-Ray: intérprete

My Humps escritor

Call Him a Thief

Circe Link: intérprete
Narccisiphus Music: compositor

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