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Azam Ali

Azam Ali is an Iranian American singer and musician. As of 2013, Ali has released seven full-length albums with the bands VAS and Niyaz, as well as four full-length solo albums.
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Giocare Colonna sonora Film/Serie Tipo Acquista canzone
La Serena Nip/Tuck esecutore Buy La Serena on Amazon
Endless Reverie The Howling: Reborn esecutore Buy Endless Reverie on Amazon
Whirling Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time esecutore Buy Whirling on Amazon
   Beni Beni (Acoustic) Crossing Over scrittore Buy Beni Beni (Acoustic) on Amazon
   Die 4 Me Intoxicating esecutore, scrittore Buy Die 4 Me on Amazon
   Feraghi (Acoustic) Crossing Over scrittore Buy Feraghi (Acoustic) on Amazon
   In The Shadow Of Life Bones esecutore, scrittore Buy In The Shadow Of Life on Amazon
   Lila Lara Croft: Tomb Raider esecutore Buy Lila on Amazon
   SVARGA Fight Club scrittore Buy SVARGA on Amazon