The Avengers Colonna sonora (2012) OST

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    The Avengers 2012 copertina

    The Avengers (2012) Colonna sonora

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    Group Hug


    Marvel Los vengadores




    Marvel's The Avengers


    Rating: 8.4/10 from 429651 votes
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Ascolta The Avengers (2012) Colonna Sonora

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Live to Rise

Soundgarden: esecutore,produttore

Shoot to Thrill

AC/DC: esecutore
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Malcolm Young: scrittore
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Live to Rise

Chris Cornell: scrittore

I Want You Back

Jackson 5: esecutore
Berry Gordy: scrittore
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String Quartet No. 13 in a Minor 'Rosamunde' D804

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String Quartet No. 13 in a Minor 'Rosamunde' D804

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