Arròs covat Soundtrack (2009) OST

Listen Arròs covat (2009) Soundtrack

Xavi copes with young adult conflicts at work, relationships and opportunities in general while his clock is ticking.

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Sexual Revolution

La Casa Azul: performer
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Qualsevol nit pot sortir el sol

Jaume Sisa: performer
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Ton pare

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Allí donde solíamos gritar

Love of Lesbian: performer
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Nana del agua

Maria Rodés: performer
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Mazoni: performer
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Mazoni: performer
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Requiem in D minor

Buy Requiem in D minor on Amazon

Also sprach Zarathustra

Richard Strauss: writer
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Fiesta Fever

Kully Bhamra: performer
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Jorge Yúdice: performer
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La canción más gay del mundo

Jorge Yúdice: performer
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Voy a ser feliz

Manos de Topo: performer
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Requiem in D minor

Amadeus Mozart: writer
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Cosas que no hay que contar

Nacho Vegas: writer
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Rima con canción

Maria Rodés: writer
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Funba Rumba

Chucho Merchan: performer
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Chucho Merchan: performer
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The Black Hole

Anímic: performer
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Howling Zombie

Anímic: performer
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Hot and Heavy

Jim Dooley: writer
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Lower Will

Mikael Karlsson: performer
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Pump Action

Heitor Pereira: performer
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People Power

Micky Moody: writer
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La mandra

Clara Vinyals: writer
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A prop de res

Balago: performer
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Festín surreal

Modular: performer
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Avenida de cristal

Cooper: performer
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En el sofà

Cooper: performer
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Tanha Tooie

Rezaie Jamshid: performer
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Beat Them Keys

Werner Jeutz: writer
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Buy Gigalove on Amazon


Tannhäuser: performer
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Tannhäuser: performer
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Tannhäuser: writer
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She's My Heroine

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The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side

The School: performer
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The Walking Dead

Oso: performer
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Snake's Tongue

It's Not Not: performer
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Apeiron: performer
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Junior vs. Death

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Mandolines tralarà

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Fitness Forever: performer
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Fitness Forever: performer
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Giorgio Tuma: writer
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A Ghost on Our Own

Giorgio Tuma: performer
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El sueño de mi vida

Cola Jet Set: performer
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My Baby's Just a Baby

Knickess: performer
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Not Walkin' on Me

Brown/Mimtz: performer
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Pack of War

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The Beast

Zack Tempest: writer
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Gerry Schymann: writer
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DJ In: writer
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Ecce Dominus

Ralph Allwood: writer
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Aloha Malihini

Nawahi Parauchi: performer
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Covent Carnage

Brad Derrick: performer
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Jobson/Case: writer
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Forever Fitness: performer
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