Awkward. Soundtrack (2011) OST

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    Awkward. (2011) Soundtrack

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    Awkward - Mein sogenanntes Leben


    Diario Di Una Nerd Superstar

    Tags: High School, High School Girl, Voice Over Narration, Teenage Angst, Adolescent Boy

    Rating: 7.5/10 from 45323 votes
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Listen Awkward. (2011) Soundtrack

An unpopular 15-year-old gains immediate, yet unwanted, popularity at her high school when the student body mistakes an accident she has for a suicide attempt.

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Goodbye, Goodbye

Tegan and Sara: performer, writer
Buy Goodbye, Goodbye on Amazon

If You Were Here

Cary Brothers: writer, performer
Buy If You Were Here on Amazon

This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)

Ellie Goulding: writer, performer
Buy This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) on Amazon

Up All Night

Best Coast: writer, performer
Buy Up All Night on Amazon

Way to the Future

Katie Herzig: writer, performer
Buy Way to the Future on Amazon

Best Day of Your Life

Katie Herzig: writer, performer
Buy Best Day of Your Life on Amazon

Fading Listening

Shiny Toy Guns: writer, performer
Buy Fading Listening on Amazon

Free To Be Me

Haroula Rose: writer, performer
Buy Free To Be Me on Amazon

TV Tree

Royal Bangs: writer, performer
Buy TV Tree on Amazon

Santa Cruz

Erin McKeown: writer, performer
Buy Santa Cruz on Amazon


Hot Hot Heat: performer, writer
Buy Implosionatic on Amazon

The Man from San Sebastian

DeVotchKa: writer, performer
Buy The Man from San Sebastian on Amazon

I Don't Want Love

The Antlers: writer, performer
Buy I Don't Want Love on Amazon


Say Hi: performer, writer
Buy Devils on Amazon

And Then The Girls

Donora: performer, writer
Buy And Then The Girls on Amazon

Favorite Two

Yael Meyer: writer, performer
Buy Favorite Two on Amazon

I Wonder How

Yael Meyer: writer, performer
Buy I Wonder How on Amazon

All of Me

Tanlines: performer, writer
Buy All of Me on Amazon

Ain't Gonna Die While Sitting Down

Melpo Mene: performer, writer
Buy Ain't Gonna Die While Sitting Down on Amazon

My Life

Best Coast: performer
Buy My Life on Amazon

Air on a G String

Johann Sebastian Bach: performer, writer
Buy Air on a G String on Amazon

Bridal Chorus

Richard Wagner: performer, writer
Buy Bridal Chorus on Amazon


Tegan and Sara: writer, performer
Buy Closer on Amazon

Starry Eyed

Ellie Goulding: performer
Buy Starry Eyed on Amazon

Oh My Darlin'

Katie Herzig: performer
Buy Oh My Darlin' on Amazon

Midnight Serenade

Katie Herzig: performer
Buy Midnight Serenade on Amazon

16 Years

Phantogram: performer
Buy 16 Years on Amazon

Don't Move

Phantogram: performer
Buy Don't Move on Amazon

All Dried Up

Phantogram: performer
Buy All Dried Up on Amazon


Eliza Doolittle: writer, performer
Buy Nobody on Amazon

Up All Night

Buy Up All Night on Amazon


Lifehouse: performer
Buy Hurricane on Amazon

Pick Me Up

Nate Ruess: writer
Buy Pick Me Up on Amazon

Heart In Your Heartbreak

Buy Heart In Your Heartbreak on Amazon

Don't Stop (Color On the Walls)

Foster the People: performer
Buy Don't Stop (Color On the Walls) on Amazon

Stuck On You

Meiko: performer
Buy Stuck On You on Amazon

The Exploding People

Cloud Cult: performer
Buy The Exploding People on Amazon


Mates of State: writer, performer
Buy Maracas on Amazon


Mates of State: performer
Buy Sway on Amazon

Faint Obelisk Two

Royal Bangs: writer, performer
Buy Faint Obelisk Two on Amazon


Royal Bangs: performer
Buy Fireball on Amazon

Take It Out On Me

Chairlift: performer
Buy Take It Out On Me on Amazon

Pick Me Up

The Format: performer
Buy Pick Me Up on Amazon

This Could Kill Me

Amy Stroup: performer
Buy This Could Kill Me on Amazon

All Alone

Alice Russell: performer
Buy All Alone on Amazon

Morning Coffee

Cumulus: performer
Buy Morning Coffee on Amazon

Follow The Sun

Triple J: performer
Buy Follow The Sun on Amazon

Canned Love

Powersolo: performer
Buy Canned Love on Amazon

Pick Me Up

Sam Means: writer
Buy Pick Me Up on Amazon

Never the Same

Uh Huh Her: performer
Buy Never the Same on Amazon

Black and Blue

Uh Huh Her: performer
Buy Black and Blue on Amazon

All Around Me

Yael Meyer: writer, performer
Buy All Around Me on Amazon

Used To Be

Yael Meyer: performer
Buy Used To Be on Amazon

Young Blood

Buy Young Blood on Amazon


The Pack A.D.: performer
Buy Needles on Amazon


The Pack A.D.: performer
Buy Animal on Amazon

A Bright New Life

Escort: performer
Buy A Bright New Life on Amazon


Midi Mafia: performer, writer
Buy Vampire on Amazon

Every Time You Catch Me

Helen Austin: performer, writer
Buy Every Time You Catch Me on Amazon

Leaving Lullaby

Helen Austin: performer
Buy Leaving Lullaby on Amazon

When We Were Young

Helen Austin: performer
Buy When We Were Young on Amazon

When Will You Come

Wavves: performer
Buy When Will You Come on Amazon


Amanda Jo Williams: writer, performer
Buy Homeheart on Amazon

Girl I'm Like Damn!

Bad Rabbits: performer, writer
Buy Girl I'm Like Damn! on Amazon


Bad Rabbits: performer
Buy Booties on Amazon

We Sink

Chvrches: performer
Buy We Sink on Amazon


Sophie Koh: performer, writer
Buy Lo-Fi on Amazon

Put It On

Skiggy Rapz: performer, writer
Buy Put It On on Amazon


Dark Dark Dark: performer
Buy Daydreaming on Amazon

Never Enough

Jjamz: performer
Buy Never Enough on Amazon


Tanlines: performer
Buy Nonesuch on Amazon

All You're Waiting For (feat. Nancy Whang)

Classixx: performer
Buy All You're Waiting For (feat. Nancy Whang) on Amazon

Cast Away

Strange Talk: performer
Buy Cast Away on Amazon

Picking Up All the Pieces

Strange Talk: performer
Buy Picking Up All the Pieces on Amazon

Walking With Giants

Blondfire: performer
Buy Walking With Giants on Amazon

Fifty-Five Fires

Imperial Mammoth: performer
Buy Fifty-Five Fires on Amazon


Misun: performer
Buy Harlot on Amazon

I'm No Good

Summer Twins: performer
Buy I'm No Good on Amazon


Summer Twins: performer
Buy Darlin' on Amazon


Kye Kye: performer
Buy Broke on Amazon

Hour of the Dawn

La Sera: performer
Buy Hour of the Dawn on Amazon

Giving Up

Haerts: performer
Buy Giving Up on Amazon

I'm Not Myself

BoardWalk: performer
Buy I'm Not Myself on Amazon


Groenland: performer
Buy Immune on Amazon

It's All I Know

Monarchy: performer
Buy It's All I Know on Amazon

Love to Get Used

Matt Pond: performer
Buy Love to Get Used on Amazon

Ways to Phrase a Rejection

Drowners: performer
Buy Ways to Phrase a Rejection on Amazon

What Good Is a Heart

Arum Rae: performer
Buy What Good Is a Heart on Amazon


SURES: performer
Buy Poseidon on Amazon


Buy Vapour on Amazon

Northern Sky

Amalie Bruun: performer
Buy Northern Sky on Amazon

Cave Mountain Stream

Zomes: performer
Buy Cave Mountain Stream on Amazon


Boom! Bap! Pow!: performer
Buy Suit on Amazon


Buy Humanimal on Amazon

Every Day

Magic Man: performer
Buy Every Day on Amazon


Magic Man: performer
Buy Paris on Amazon

Close My Eyes

Carousel: performer
Buy Close My Eyes on Amazon

Another Day

Carousel: performer
Buy Another Day on Amazon

Where Have You Gone

Carousel: performer
Buy Where Have You Gone on Amazon

We Are The Ones (Own The World)

Charles William: performer
Buy We Are The Ones (Own The World) on Amazon

Don't Move

Josh Carter: writer
Buy Don't Move on Amazon

Little People

The Fleeting Ends: performer
Buy Little People on Amazon


Heartsrevolution: performer
Buy Kiss on Amazon

Lion Heart

Wild Ones: performer
Buy Lion Heart on Amazon


Banta: performer
Buy Someday on Amazon

Out of Air

Broken Twin: performer
Buy Out of Air on Amazon

Glimpse of a Time

Broken Twin: performer
Buy Glimpse of a Time on Amazon

Cold and Clear

Cajsa Siik: performer
Buy Cold and Clear on Amazon

The Fix

Cajsa Siik: performer
Buy The Fix on Amazon


I'm With Amy: performer
Buy Constellations on Amazon


Antennas Up: performer
Buy Pretenders on Amazon


Salt Cathedral: performer
Buy Tease on Amazon

Wolves Again

PacificUV: performer
Buy Wolves Again on Amazon

Summer Dress

HIGHS: performer
Buy Summer Dress on Amazon

Change of Heart

TOPS: performer
Buy Change of Heart on Amazon


TOPS: performer
Buy Outside on Amazon

Ones Who Love You

Alvvays: performer
Buy Ones Who Love You on Amazon

Adult Diversion

Alvvays: performer
Buy Adult Diversion on Amazon


PVRIS: performer
Buy Holy on Amazon


Buy Collectors on Amazon


Little Racer: performer
Buy Ghosty on Amazon

How the Story Ends

Secret Wonder: performer
Buy How the Story Ends on Amazon


PORTS: performer
Buy Gameplay on Amazon

Uh Huh

Act As If: performer
Buy Uh Huh on Amazon

I'm In Love

The Muscadettes: performer
Buy I'm In Love on Amazon

One I Love

Drug Cabin: performer
Buy One I Love on Amazon

Whatever I Want

COLLEEN GREEN: performer
Buy Whatever I Want on Amazon

Deeper than Love

COLLEEN GREEN: performer
Buy Deeper than Love on Amazon

Ripe 4 Luv

Young Guv: performer
Buy Ripe 4 Luv on Amazon


Easter Island: performer
Buy Independence on Amazon


Berry Gordy: writer
Freddie Perren: writer
Deke Richards: writer
Fonce Mizell: writer
Buy O.P.P on Amazon

I Was a Fool

Tegan and Sara: performer
Buy I Was a Fool on Amazon

Drove Me Wild

Tegan and Sara: performer
Buy Drove Me Wild on Amazon

Crazy for You

Best Coast: performer
Buy Crazy for You on Amazon

No One Like You

Best Coast: performer
Buy No One Like You on Amazon

Brand New Start

Haroula Rose: performer
Buy Brand New Start on Amazon

Crazy for You

Buy Crazy for You on Amazon

No One Like You

Buy No One Like You on Amazon


Naughty By Nature: performer
Buy O.P.P on Amazon

The Magic Hour Is Now

Forrest Kline: writer
Buy The Magic Hour Is Now on Amazon

Die Young, Die Dumb; Not Soon

Forrest Kline: writer
Buy Die Young, Die Dumb; Not Soon on Amazon

The Magic Hour Is Now

Hellogoodbye: performer
Buy The Magic Hour Is Now on Amazon

Die Young, Die Dumb; Not Soon

Hellogoodbye: performer
Buy Die Young, Die Dumb; Not Soon on Amazon


Lucas: performer
Buy Spinning on Amazon


Masha Qrella: performer
Buy Hawaii on Amazon


Alice: performer
Buy Luminous on Amazon


Anthony 'Treach: writer
DJ Kay Gee: writer
Buy O.P.P on Amazon

2nite We Gonna Live It up (feat. Aaron Paul Nelson) [Drunk Mix]

John Costello: performer
Buy 2nite We Gonna Live It up (feat. Aaron Paul Nelson) [Drunk Mix] on Amazon

There Goes My Heart

Jessie Baylin: performer
Buy There Goes My Heart on Amazon

Out of My Head

Max: performer
Buy Out of My Head on Amazon


Keir Gist: writer
Buy O.P.P on Amazon

Ba Ba Da

Ellie Lawson: performer
Buy Ba Ba Da on Amazon


Jack Dolgen: performer
Buy Daytime on Amazon

Take My Heart

Donora: performer
Buy Take My Heart on Amazon

Would You Be My Reason

Donora: performer
Buy Would You Be My Reason on Amazon

Light up My Life

Buy Light up My Life on Amazon

Move Like U Stole It

Zz Ward: performer
Buy Move Like U Stole It on Amazon

Candy Machine Gun

Haley Bonar: performer
Buy Candy Machine Gun on Amazon

Heaven's Made for Two

Haley Bonar: performer
Buy Heaven's Made for Two on Amazon

Aye Yoo

Midi Mafia: performer
Buy Aye Yoo on Amazon


Midi Mafia: performer
Buy Bass on Amazon

Hey You

The Transients: performer
Buy Hey You on Amazon

Lip Syncing

Sophie Koh: performer
Buy Lip Syncing on Amazon

Come On & Get It (feat. L.P.)

Dj Dan: performer
Buy Come On & Get It (feat. L.P.) on Amazon

Get What You Want

Jjamz: performer
Buy Get What You Want on Amazon

Cup of Ice

Six Reasons: performer
Buy Cup of Ice on Amazon

The Runner

Tangerine: performer
Buy The Runner on Amazon

#Shake This Party Up

Rinat Arinos: writer
Buy #Shake This Party Up on Amazon


Big Scary: performer
Buy Invest on Amazon

Better Off Alone

The Breakups: performer
Buy Better Off Alone on Amazon


Frances Cone: performer
Buy Wiser on Amazon

The Fool (Frederik Olufsen Remix)

Solar Taxi: performer
Buy The Fool (Frederik Olufsen Remix) on Amazon

Bring It Back

Babe Youth: performer
Buy Bring It Back on Amazon


Les Handclaps: performer
Buy Alive on Amazon

Strobe Light

Night Club: performer
Buy Strobe Light on Amazon

Bass Turnt Up

The Beat Geeks: performer
Buy Bass Turnt Up on Amazon


Imperial Mammoth: performer
Buy Mooncatcher on Amazon

Light up My Life

Imperial Mammoth: performer
Buy Light up My Life on Amazon

Holding You Back

The Casket Girls: performer
Buy Holding You Back on Amazon

Crime On the Dancefloor

Thrust: performer
Buy Crime On the Dancefloor on Amazon

Magnetic Heart

Jesse Thomas: performer
Buy Magnetic Heart on Amazon

Keep Holding on to Me

The Darling Minds: performer
Buy Keep Holding on to Me on Amazon

Breathe Easy

Mree: performer
Buy Breathe Easy on Amazon


Our Lives: performer
Buy Heart on Amazon

Best Friend's Love

Kate Tucker: performer
The Sons of Sweden: performer
Buy Best Friend's Love on Amazon

Dusty Beds

Fences: performer
Buy Dusty Beds on Amazon

Out of My Head

The Moon: performer
Buy Out of My Head on Amazon

Bulls Through

Buy Bulls Through on Amazon

Cool Kids

Echosmith: performer
Buy Cool Kids on Amazon

Nothing's Wrong

Echosmith: performer
Buy Nothing's Wrong on Amazon

Come Together

Echosmith: performer
Buy Come Together on Amazon

Let's Love

Echosmith: performer
Buy Let's Love on Amazon

I'll Wait for You

Iris: performer
Buy I'll Wait for You on Amazon

Time to Kill

Gold: performer
Buy Time to Kill on Amazon

Light up My Life

Buy Light up My Life on Amazon

On the Road

Emi Meyer: performer
Buy On the Road on Amazon

Satellites (Venus to Mars)

Alt-Ctrl-Sleep: performer
Buy Satellites (Venus to Mars) on Amazon


Cliffs: performer
Buy Capsules on Amazon


Hillary Hand: performer
Buy Domino on Amazon

Soundtrack To The End

Communist Daughter: performer
Buy Soundtrack To The End on Amazon

Pretty When You Smile

Sweater Girls: performer
Buy Pretty When You Smile on Amazon

Give My Lovin' a Try

The Futures League: performer
Buy Give My Lovin' a Try on Amazon

In A Boat On A Lake

Whistle Peak: performer
Buy In A Boat On A Lake on Amazon

Judy Garland

Lora Faye: performer
Buy Judy Garland on Amazon

I Go

Hannibal Leq: performer
Buy I Go on Amazon

Everything Up Until Now

The Ambient Light: performer
Buy Everything Up Until Now on Amazon


The Ambient Light: performer
Buy Golem on Amazon

Sleepy Time

Fialta: performer
Buy Sleepy Time on Amazon

Billy Crystal

Wildcat Strike: performer
Buy Billy Crystal on Amazon

Thick as Thieves

Wool on Wolves: performer
Buy Thick as Thieves on Amazon

Big Timer

Junior Prom: performer
Buy Big Timer on Amazon

I Hate You

The Shining Twins: performer
Buy I Hate You on Amazon


Soldout: performer
Buy 94 on Amazon

Can't Bring Me Down

The Launderettes: performer
Buy Can't Bring Me Down on Amazon


BESTIE: performer
Buy Pineapple on Amazon


BESTIE: performer
Buy Sriracha on Amazon

All I Ever Wanted

Computer Magic: performer
Buy All I Ever Wanted on Amazon

Loosen Up

Feelings: performer
Buy Loosen Up on Amazon

The Harder They Fall

Lizi Kay: performer
Buy The Harder They Fall on Amazon

Do You Like What You See

Lizi Kay: performer
Buy Do You Like What You See on Amazon

Time to Kill

Youth: performer
Buy Time to Kill on Amazon


Amalie Bruun: performer
Buy Crush on Amazon

Ya Change

Joy Classic: performer
Buy Ya Change on Amazon


Joy Classic: performer
Buy Splash on Amazon


the Glass Lake: performer
Buy Luminous on Amazon


Magic Man: performer
Buy Waves on Amazon


Arp Attack: performer
Buy Amnesty on Amazon


Sheena Player: performer
Buy Caution on Amazon

On the Run

Axxa/Abraxas: performer
Buy On the Run on Amazon

Breathe In (feat. Wafia)

Japanese Wallpaper: performer
Buy Breathe In (feat. Wafia) on Amazon

Vernal Limb

Camp Counselors: performer
Buy Vernal Limb on Amazon

City Streets

Nova Albion: performer
Buy City Streets on Amazon

Stay If You Like

Point Bloom: performer
Buy Stay If You Like on Amazon

All Mine

Point Bloom: performer
Buy All Mine on Amazon

Keep Me a Secret

TVA: performer
Buy Keep Me a Secret on Amazon


Marty Shannon: performer
Buy Cynic on Amazon

To Better Days

Dearly Beloved: performer
Buy To Better Days on Amazon

No Us, No Them (feat. Jill Scott)

Bernhoft: performer
Buy No Us, No Them (feat. Jill Scott) on Amazon

Come Around

Bernhoft: performer
Buy Come Around on Amazon


OneGirlOneBoy: performer
Buy Wasted on Amazon

Blissful Ignorance

Ourlives: performer
Buy Blissful Ignorance on Amazon

Berliner Birds

Perneau: performer
Buy Berliner Birds on Amazon

Say Yes

Lego Johnson: performer
Buy Say Yes on Amazon

Far Away

FMLYBND: performer
Buy Far Away on Amazon

Electricity (Rush)

FMLYBND: performer
Buy Electricity (Rush) on Amazon

Don't Wait for Me

The Familiar: performer
Buy Don't Wait for Me on Amazon

Fight for Your Love

Kyven: performer
Buy Fight for Your Love on Amazon

Double Bubble

Jesse No: performer
Buy Double Bubble on Amazon

Running On The Sun

Calling All Cars: performer
Buy Running On The Sun on Amazon

Girls Gone Wild

Velous: performer
Buy Girls Gone Wild on Amazon

Catch That Train

Beach Party: performer
Buy Catch That Train on Amazon

Bottle Poppin'

Primetime Playerz: performer
Buy Bottle Poppin' on Amazon

My Own Two Feet

Zachary Kibbee: performer
Buy My Own Two Feet on Amazon

Turn Me On

Leila Grey: performer
Buy Turn Me On on Amazon

Walk Away

Mammals: performer
Buy Walk Away on Amazon

Slow Down

Twiceyoung: performer
Buy Slow Down on Amazon

The Space You Haunt

The Holy Coast: performer
Buy The Space You Haunt on Amazon


The Holy Coast: performer
Buy Fighting on Amazon

#Shake This Party Up

Miss V: performer
Buy #Shake This Party Up on Amazon

Fiona Coyne

Skylar Spence: performer
Buy Fiona Coyne on Amazon

St. Patrick

PVRIS: performer
Buy St. Patrick on Amazon

Par Ici (French Hip Hop)

Dark Sky: performer
Buy Par Ici (French Hip Hop) on Amazon

I'm Just Messin' Around

Beach Day: performer
Buy I'm Just Messin' Around on Amazon


Pink Feathers: performer
Buy Ghosts on Amazon

4-Leaf Clover

Quake City Clover: performer
Buy 4-Leaf Clover on Amazon

Into Your Eyes

Secret Wonder: performer
Buy Into Your Eyes on Amazon

Remember Love

S: performer
Buy Remember Love on Amazon

Let You Go

Act As If: performer
Buy Let You Go on Amazon

Cold Calling

Buy Cold Calling on Amazon


MEGHAN: performer
Buy Spinning on Amazon

Young Again

YOUNG LIARS: performer
Buy Young Again on Amazon

We Die From It

Brenda XU: performer
Buy We Die From It on Amazon

Celebration of Life

Moving Parts: performer
Buy Celebration of Life on Amazon

I Still Moan

Buy I Still Moan on Amazon

Come On & Get It (feat. L.P.)

Daniel Wherrett: performer
Buy Come On & Get It (feat. L.P.) on Amazon

More of a Man

Brandy Zdan: performer
Buy More of a Man on Amazon

To Mock a Killingbird

Book On Tape Worm: performer
Buy To Mock a Killingbird on Amazon


Indian Joy: performer
Buy Nightly on Amazon

Further Again

Buy Further Again on Amazon

Got Me Fallin

Hi-Fi Cali: performer
Buy Got Me Fallin on Amazon

Spirit Girl

Holiday Friends: performer
Buy Spirit Girl on Amazon

Symphony No. 5

Buy Symphony No. 5 on Amazon

Hail to the Chief

James Sanderson: composer
Buy Hail to the Chief on Amazon

To All the Girls I've Loved Before

Albert Hammond: writer
Buy To All the Girls I've Loved Before on Amazon

Heart Goes Pitter Patter

Simon & Garfunkel: performer, writer
Buy Heart Goes Pitter Patter on Amazon

Sha Bang Bang (feat. Mike Taylor)

Dice Raw: performer
Buy Sha Bang Bang (feat. Mike Taylor) on Amazon

Little Numbers

Boy: performer
Buy Little Numbers on Amazon

Always Forever

Cults: performer
Buy Always Forever on Amazon

Chicken Mole

Michael Baiardi: producer, performer, writer
Buy Chicken Mole on Amazon

City Sexy Movment

Michael Baiardi: producer, performer, writer
Buy City Sexy Movment on Amazon

Party Girls

Michael Baiardi: producer, performer, writer
Buy Party Girls on Amazon

At The Martini Bar

Michael Baiardi: producer, performer, writer
Buy At The Martini Bar on Amazon

Perpetual Surrender

Diana: performer
Buy Perpetual Surrender on Amazon

Chicken Dance

Werner Thomas: writer
Buy Chicken Dance on Amazon

Pachelbel's Canon in D

Buy Pachelbel's Canon in D on Amazon

Paris (Ooh La La)

Grace Potter: performer
Buy Paris (Ooh La La) on Amazon

If I Could Only

Amy Kuney: performer
Buy If I Could Only on Amazon

Pays to Know

Amy Kuney: writer
Buy Pays to Know on Amazon

Cozy in Space

Andrew Dost: performer, writer
Buy Cozy in Space on Amazon

Paris (Ooh La La)

The Nocturnals: performer
Buy Paris (Ooh La La) on Amazon


Christina Perri: performer, writer
Buy Arms on Amazon

Swear You're in Love

Forrest Kline: writer
Hellogoodbye: performer
Buy Swear You're in Love on Amazon


Heatwave: performer
Buy Glowbug on Amazon

Moth's Wings

Passion Pit: performer
Buy Moth's Wings on Amazon


Mates of State: performer
Buy Palomino on Amazon

Boogie Mama

Jay Ramsey: performer
Buy Boogie Mama on Amazon

The A Lister Rises

Joey Sykes: performer
Buy The A Lister Rises on Amazon

Dirty Talk

Oliver: performer
Buy Dirty Talk on Amazon

Los Angeles

Emily Wells: performer
Buy Los Angeles on Amazon

No Good

Emily Wells: performer
Buy No Good on Amazon


Kid Sister: performer
Buy Heartbreaker on Amazon

Leave the Lights On

Kid Sister: performer
Buy Leave the Lights On on Amazon

Wildest Moments

Jessie Ware: performer
Buy Wildest Moments on Amazon


Simon Wilcox: writer
Buy Saudade on Amazon

Moment of Clarity

Love: performer
Buy Moment of Clarity on Amazon

Meth Lab For Hootie

Luke Tierney: performer
Buy Meth Lab For Hootie on Amazon

Hail to the Chief

traditional: writer
Buy Hail to the Chief on Amazon

Marie, Marie

Thieves Like Us: performer
Buy Marie, Marie on Amazon

Not So Sure

Kim Novak: writer, performer
Buy Not So Sure on Amazon

A Good Day

Emm Gryner: performer
Buy A Good Day on Amazon

You Let Me Know Too Much

Sam Spiegel: performer
Buy You Let Me Know Too Much on Amazon

Made Me Realize

Brad Joseph Breeck: performer, writer
Buy Made Me Realize on Amazon

Hold My Hand

Donora: performer
Buy Hold My Hand on Amazon

Under the Lights

Donora: performer, writer
Buy Under the Lights on Amazon

Fury Oh Fury

Aja Volkman: writer
Rich Koehler: writer
Nico Vega: performer
Buy Fury Oh Fury on Amazon

Back of My Hand

Nico Vega: performer
Buy Back of My Hand on Amazon


Escort: performer
Buy Starlight on Amazon

Beautiful Trash

Megan Washington: performer
Buy Beautiful Trash on Amazon

If The Night Is Dark

Sally Seltmann: writer
Buy If The Night Is Dark on Amazon


Midi Mafia: performer
Buy Ayeyo on Amazon

The Path (Spekr Freaks Edit + GT Edit)

SpekrFreks: performer
Decoding Jesus: performer
Buy The Path (Spekr Freaks Edit + GT Edit) on Amazon

Energy and Consequences

Blake Hazard: performer, writer
Buy Energy and Consequences on Amazon

Deliberate Plans

Blake Hazard: performer
Buy Deliberate Plans on Amazon

Linus Spacehead

Wavves: performer
Buy Linus Spacehead on Amazon

As The Heart Unwinds

Terry Jamison: performer, writer
Linda Jamison: performer, writer
Buy As The Heart Unwinds on Amazon

Bad Friends

Tom Iansek: writer
Buy Bad Friends on Amazon


Tom Iansek: writer
Buy Autumn on Amazon

Bad Friends

Jo Syme: writer
Buy Bad Friends on Amazon

Go On

Larry DiStasi: writer, performer
Buy Go On on Amazon

Plastic House

Henrik Åström: producer
Buy Plastic House on Amazon


Hannah Georgas: performer
Buy Fantasize on Amazon


Rinat Arinos: writer, performer
Buy Shine on Amazon


Kovas: writer, performer
Buy Ready on Amazon

Grape Drank

Kovas: performer, writer
Buy Grape Drank on Amazon


Bestfriends: performer
Buy Work on Amazon

Falling Away

Big Scary: performer, writer
Buy Falling Away on Amazon


Big Scary: performer
Buy Autumn on Amazon

We Have Everything

Young Galaxy: writer, performer
Buy We Have Everything on Amazon


Memoryhouse: performer, writer
Buy Bonfire on Amazon

Walk With Me

Memoryhouse: performer
Buy Walk With Me on Amazon


Class Actress: writer, performer
Buy Weekend on Amazon


Wild Nothing: performer
Buy Nocturne on Amazon

Just a Silhouette

Exlovers: performer
Buy Just a Silhouette on Amazon

This Love Will Lead You On

Exlovers: performer
Buy This Love Will Lead You On on Amazon

Never Again

Lightning Dust: performer
Buy Never Again on Amazon

Say When

Generationals: performer, writer
Buy Say When on Amazon


Generationals: performer
Buy Awake on Amazon

Double Indemnity

Buy Double Indemnity on Amazon


Bearcat: performer
Buy Saudade on Amazon


Selebrities: performer
Buy Time on Amazon

Treatment of the Sun

The Pass: performer, writer
Buy Treatment of the Sun on Amazon

Girls of Summer

Peach Kelli Pop: writer, performer
Buy Girls of Summer on Amazon

My Father Worked With Planes

ANR: performer
Buy My Father Worked With Planes on Amazon


Kopecky Family Band: performer
Buy Heartbeat on Amazon

Dancing With the DJ (Dave Edward Remix)

The Knocks: performer
Buy Dancing With the DJ (Dave Edward Remix) on Amazon

Mai's Space

Pop Levi: performer
Buy Mai's Space on Amazon


Pop Levi: performer
Buy Terrifying on Amazon

Strawberry Shake

Pop Levi: performer
Buy Strawberry Shake on Amazon

Rock Solid

Pop Levi: writer, performer
Buy Rock Solid on Amazon

Blue Honey

Pop Levi: performer
Buy Blue Honey on Amazon

Heavy Heart

Madi Diaz: performer
Buy Heavy Heart on Amazon

Where The Kids Are

Blondfire: performer
Buy Where The Kids Are on Amazon

Hurt Me Now

Austra: writer, performer
Buy Hurt Me Now on Amazon

I Know It's You

Guards: performer
Buy I Know It's You on Amazon


Guards: performer
Buy Nightmare on Amazon


Eternal Summers: performer
Buy Wonder on Amazon

Rattles Your Heart

Frances Cone: performer
Buy Rattles Your Heart on Amazon


Alice Boman: performer
Buy Waiting on Amazon


American Gospel: performer
Buy Say on Amazon

Two Hearts Race

On the Heart: performer
Buy Two Hearts Race on Amazon


Daniel Brecher: writer
Buy Shine on Amazon

Good Faith

Natalie Prass: performer
Buy Good Faith on Amazon


Watson 66: performer
Buy Backdoor on Amazon


Watson 66: writer, performer
Buy Cowboy on Amazon

Back Door

Watson 66: performer
Buy Back Door on Amazon

My Heart's on Loan

Danielle Senoir: performer
Buy My Heart's on Loan on Amazon


Lili Frost: performer
Buy Poetry on Amazon

Long Distance Lover

Sex Life: performer
Buy Long Distance Lover on Amazon

Why Don't You Whisper?

Catnaps: performer
Buy Why Don't You Whisper? on Amazon

Get Gone

White Arrows: performer
Buy Get Gone on Amazon


White Arrows: performer
Buy Golden on Amazon

Uh Oh

Honeypie: performer
Buy Uh Oh on Amazon


Wampire: performer
Buy Orchards on Amazon

Bad Time

How Sad: performer
Buy Bad Time on Amazon


MRTN: performer
Buy High on Amazon

Over You Again

The Dig: performer
Buy Over You Again on Amazon

Primary Colors

Emika: performer
Buy Primary Colors on Amazon

Fall Apart

Seapony: performer
Buy Fall Apart on Amazon

If I Could Only

Popkillers: performer
Buy If I Could Only on Amazon


Red Mass: performer
Buy Saturn on Amazon

The Cliff Waltz

Sucré: writer, performer
Buy The Cliff Waltz on Amazon

Say Something

Sucré: performer
Buy Say Something on Amazon

Gung Ho

Solar Taxi: performer, writer
Buy Gung Ho on Amazon


The Barreracudas: writer, performer
Buy Numbers on Amazon


Caracol: performer, writer
Buy Shiver on Amazon


Ko Ko: performer, writer
Buy Float on Amazon

All That I Wanted

Shelly Fraley: performer, writer
Buy All That I Wanted on Amazon


Sea of Bees: performer, writer
Buy Gone on Amazon


Ezza Rose: performer, writer
Buy 2% on Amazon

Coffee Two

The Baikal Paradise: performer, writer
Buy Coffee Two on Amazon

True Lies

Matt Max: performer, writer
Buy True Lies on Amazon

Stop Making Sense

Matt Max: writer, performer
Buy Stop Making Sense on Amazon

Twin Peaks

Matt Max: performer, writer
Buy Twin Peaks on Amazon

American Graffiti

Matt Max: writer, performer
Buy American Graffiti on Amazon

Happy Faces

Babe Youth: performer, writer
Buy Happy Faces on Amazon

Break Me

Babe Youth: writer, performer
Buy Break Me on Amazon

I Found A Body

Tan Vampires: performer, writer
Buy I Found A Body on Amazon

Fake Southern Drawl

Tan Vampires: performer
Buy Fake Southern Drawl on Amazon

Broken Record

Eux Autres: performer, writer
Buy Broken Record on Amazon

Under Rays

Eux Autres: performer, writer
Buy Under Rays on Amazon

You're Alright

Eux Autres: performer
Buy You're Alright on Amazon

The Conflict

Daily Bread: performer
Buy The Conflict on Amazon


Daily Bread: performer
Buy Allure on Amazon


Daily Bread: performer, writer
Buy Silica on Amazon


Daily Bread: performer
Buy Loverst on Amazon

She Spider

Daily Bread: performer
Buy She Spider on Amazon

Living Things

Shoreline Is: performer
Buy Living Things on Amazon

J'aime ça

Les Handclaps: performer
Buy J'aime ça on Amazon

Dope Van Gogh

Jenny O.: performer
Buy Dope Van Gogh on Amazon

Too Wild

Love Inks: performer
Buy Too Wild on Amazon

Down and Out

Love Inks: writer, performer
Buy Down and Out on Amazon

Leather Glove

Love Inks: performer, writer
Buy Leather Glove on Amazon

You Are

Kathryn Ostenberg: performer
Buy You Are on Amazon

Sweet Denise vs. Road Range Rhonda

Howlies: performer
Buy Sweet Denise vs. Road Range Rhonda on Amazon

Let Me Go

Rachel Goodrich: performer
Buy Let Me Go on Amazon

I Fell In Love

Rachel Goodrich: performer
Buy I Fell In Love on Amazon

Casio Joy

Boys Boys Boys!: performer
Buy Casio Joy on Amazon

Ticky-Ticky Boom

Boys Boys Boys!: performer
Buy Ticky-Ticky Boom on Amazon

I Heart You

Ellem: performer
Buy I Heart You on Amazon


Ellem: performer
Buy Breathe on Amazon


Ellem: writer, performer
Buy Summertime on Amazon

Rainbow Road

Pance Party: performer
Buy Rainbow Road on Amazon


Pance Party: performer
Buy Mumble on Amazon

Let's Get Invisible

Pance Party: performer
Buy Let's Get Invisible on Amazon

All That I Am

Roxanne Emery: performer
Buy All That I Am on Amazon

Come Over

Leah Lou: performer, writer
The 2 Left Shoes: performer, writer
Buy Come Over on Amazon

It's Never Over

AVAN LAVA: performer, writer
Buy It's Never Over on Amazon


DWNTWN: performer, writer
Buy Transition on Amazon

Stood Me Up

DWNTWN: performer
Buy Stood Me Up on Amazon

See My Eyes

DWNTWN: performer
Buy See My Eyes on Amazon

Juicy Lucy (Needs a Boogieman)

Jupiter: performer, writer
Buy Juicy Lucy (Needs a Boogieman) on Amazon

One O Six

Jupiter: performer
Buy One O Six on Amazon


Night Club: writer, performer
Buy Lovestruck on Amazon


Night Club: performer
Buy Control on Amazon

Another One

Night Club: performer
Buy Another One on Amazon

Are You Still Gonna Roll?

Maurice: writer, performer
Buy Are You Still Gonna Roll? on Amazon


Maurice: performer
Buy Baby on Amazon

Party in the Air

The Beat Geeks: writer, performer
Buy Party in the Air on Amazon

Fuck Tha DJ

Tha Ski Boys: writer, performer
Buy Fuck Tha DJ on Amazon

So Long

Thieving Irons: performer
Buy So Long on Amazon


Cultfever: performer
Buy Strangenecks on Amazon


People Get Ready: performer
Buy Disappear on Amazon

Party Down

Envy: performer
Buy Party Down on Amazon

My Slow World

Baron Bane: performer
Buy My Slow World on Amazon

Car Crash

Michael Lerner: writer
Telekinesis: performer
Buy Car Crash on Amazon


James IV: performer, writer
Buy Ammunition on Amazon

Heart of Gold

James IV: performer, writer
Buy Heart of Gold on Amazon


Suzanne Mosson: writer
Patrick Tucke: writer
Standfast: performer
Buy Devil on Amazon

Turn to Spring

Shelley O'Brien: performer, writer
Buy Turn to Spring on Amazon

Culture Assassins!!

Imperial Mammoth: writer, performer
Buy Culture Assassins!! on Amazon

Left Behind

Imperial Mammoth: performer
Buy Left Behind on Amazon

You Wake Me Up

Imperial Mammoth: performer
Buy You Wake Me Up on Amazon


Killabite: performer, writer
Buy Wha-Chowt! on Amazon

New Year

The Kissaway Trail: performer, writer
Buy New Year on Amazon

Three Million Hours

The Kissaway Trail: writer, performer
Buy Three Million Hours on Amazon

Grandfather Clocks

Apple Horse: writer, performer
Buy Grandfather Clocks on Amazon


Night Panther: performer
Buy Fever on Amazon


The Courtneys: performer
Buy 90210 on Amazon

All We Have

Ok Sweetheart: performer
Buy All We Have on Amazon

We've Got Love

Ok Sweetheart: writer, performer
Buy We've Got Love on Amazon

Uh Ah

The Suzan: performer, writer
Buy Uh Ah on Amazon

Ha Ha Ha

The Suzan: performer
Buy Ha Ha Ha on Amazon


Geographer: writer, performer
Buy Verona on Amazon

Original Sin

Geographer: performer
Buy Original Sin on Amazon

This Crowded Room

Freedom or Death: writer, performer
Buy This Crowded Room on Amazon

Heartslur II

Braves: performer
Buy Heartslur II on Amazon

Call Me When You Can

Vic: performer
Gab: performer
Buy Call Me When You Can on Amazon

Somethin' Is Better Than Nothin'

Tashaki Miyaki: performer
Buy Somethin' Is Better Than Nothin' on Amazon

Keep Me In Mind

Tashaki Miyaki: performer
Buy Keep Me In Mind on Amazon

One On One

Steed Lord: performer
Buy One On One on Amazon


Lindbergh Palace: performer
Buy 1986 on Amazon


Small Black: performer, writer
Buy Breathless on Amazon

Emerald's Shatter

Louise Burns: performer, writer
Buy Emerald's Shatter on Amazon

Take Me Higher

Old Man Canyon: performer
Buy Take Me Higher on Amazon

Down Where I Belong

New Found Land: performer
Buy Down Where I Belong on Amazon

Only My Winnings

New Found Land: performer
Buy Only My Winnings on Amazon

The Hunter

New Found Land: performer
Buy The Hunter on Amazon

Raven Fly

Girl Named T: writer, performer
Buy Raven Fly on Amazon


Hotels: writer, performer
Buy Hydra on Amazon

I Awoke

A Minor Swoon: writer, performer
Buy I Awoke on Amazon

Shaken By the Resistance

A Minor Swoon: writer, performer
Buy Shaken By the Resistance on Amazon


The Qemists: writer, performer
Buy Renegade on Amazon

Feet to the Sun

Mideau: performer
Buy Feet to the Sun on Amazon

Black Dog

Kelli Schaefer: performer
Buy Black Dog on Amazon

Don't Stop

Gigamesh: performer
Buy Don't Stop on Amazon

All My Life

Gigamesh: performer
Buy All My Life on Amazon


Buy Evergreen on Amazon


Alexis Bruaert: writer
BeatauCue: performer
Buy Behold on Amazon

Pays to Know

Ray Brady: writer
MyPet: performer
Buy Pays to Know on Amazon


Misun: performer
Buy Coffee on Amazon

Promise Me

Misun: performer
Buy Promise Me on Amazon


Misun: performer
Buy Sharpshooter on Amazon

Violet's in a Pool

Tamaryn: performer, writer
Buy Violet's in a Pool on Amazon

Your Love

Saskwatch: performer
Buy Your Love on Amazon

Sweatpant Bandits

Shadows on Stars: performer
Buy Sweatpant Bandits on Amazon

Now You're Mine

Shadows on Stars: performer
Buy Now You're Mine on Amazon

Mean Mean Mean

The Moor: performer
Buy Mean Mean Mean on Amazon

Met On Mars

Mammoth Logic: performer
Buy Met On Mars on Amazon

The Healthy One

Laura Stevenson: performer
the Cans: performer
Buy The Healthy One on Amazon

Something Better

The Beat Club: performer
Buy Something Better on Amazon


Stepdad: performer
Buy Jungles on Amazon

Warrior (Jungles Part 2)

Stepdad: performer
Buy Warrior (Jungles Part 2) on Amazon

The Silence Of The Night Weighs Down

Buy The Silence Of The Night Weighs Down on Amazon


Mustard Pimp: performer
Buy Donks on Amazon


Field Mouse: performer
Buy Glass on Amazon

Don't Break Your Heart

Brock Tyler: performer
Buy Don't Break Your Heart on Amazon

The Stars Are On Your Way

Brock Tyler: performer
Buy The Stars Are On Your Way on Amazon

On Saturday, Maybe

Brock Tyler: performer
Buy On Saturday, Maybe on Amazon

I Will Love You

Summer Twins: performer
Buy I Will Love You on Amazon


Summer Twins: performer
Buy Try on Amazon

Young Bucks

Dinosaur Feathers: performer, writer
Buy Young Bucks on Amazon


Emma Louise: writer, performer
Buy Jungle on Amazon

Atlas Eyes

Emma Louise: writer, performer
Buy Atlas Eyes on Amazon


Those Dancing Days: writer, performer
Buy Fuckarias on Amazon

Duet Under Waters

Those Dancing Days: performer
Buy Duet Under Waters on Amazon

Rise Above

6 Day Riot: writer, performer
Buy Rise Above on Amazon

Meet a Bear

Britta Persson: writer, performer
Buy Meet a Bear on Amazon

It Beats

I Am Lightyear: writer, performer
Buy It Beats on Amazon

Keep Together

Hunter Hunted: performer
Buy Keep Together on Amazon


Brett: performer
Buy Confidence on Amazon

Lite U Up

Nudity: performer
Buy Lite U Up on Amazon

Making Deals

Nudity: performer
Buy Making Deals on Amazon

Already Dead

Nudity: performer
Buy Already Dead on Amazon


Heloise: performer
The Savoir Faire: performer
Buy Perelandra on Amazon

Let's Go

The Blue: performer
Buy Let's Go on Amazon

Bright Lights

Greys: performer
Buy Bright Lights on Amazon

Let's Go

Greys: performer
Buy Let's Go on Amazon

New Shores

Greys: performer
Buy New Shores on Amazon

Bad Feeling

Veronica Falls: performer
Buy Bad Feeling on Amazon

Bedroom Eyes

Dum Dum Girls: performer
Buy Bedroom Eyes on Amazon

Into Black

Blouse: writer, performer
Buy Into Black on Amazon

When We Meet Again

Nicole Reynolds: performer, writer
Buy When We Meet Again on Amazon

Good Intentions

The Chord: writer, performer
The Fawn: performer, writer
Buy Good Intentions on Amazon

Show You Mine

Alyx: performer, writer
Buy Show You Mine on Amazon

Chip a Tooth (Spoil a Smile)

Spectrals: performer, writer
Buy Chip a Tooth (Spoil a Smile) on Amazon

Today Is the Day

The Cutes: writer, performer
Buy Today Is the Day on Amazon


Fake Problems: performer
Buy 5678 on Amazon

The Moment

Tiny Animals: performer
Buy The Moment on Amazon

Fight or Flight

Tiny Animals: performer
Buy Fight or Flight on Amazon

Knot In the Vine

Faces On Film: performer
Buy Knot In the Vine on Amazon


We The Committee: performer
Buy Elephants on Amazon

This Wont End Quietly

We The Committee: performer
Buy This Wont End Quietly on Amazon


EMA: performer
Buy Breakfast on Amazon


Tu Fawning: performer
Buy Anchor on Amazon

Sweet 16

Thunderheist: writer, performer
Buy Sweet 16 on Amazon


Dirty Gold: performer, writer
Buy North on Amazon


Still Corners: performer
Buy Fireflies on Amazon

The Trip

Still Corners: performer
Buy The Trip on Amazon

Bright Lights

The Blues: performer
Buy Bright Lights on Amazon

New Shores

The Blues: performer
Buy New Shores on Amazon


Shadow Shadow: performer
Buy 1000001 on Amazon


Shadow Shadow: performer
Buy Riviera on Amazon

Addict performer
Buy Addict on Amazon

Swan Dive

Waxahatchee: performer
Buy Swan Dive on Amazon

Lips and Limbs

Waxahatchee: performer
Buy Lips and Limbs on Amazon

The One

Lauren: writer, performer
Marisa: performer, writer
Buy The One on Amazon

Strange Love

Winter Gloves: performer
Buy Strange Love on Amazon

Labyrinth Ear

Navy Light: performer
Buy Labyrinth Ear on Amazon

Navy Light

Labyrinth Ear: performer
Buy Navy Light on Amazon

Humble Bones

Labyrinth Ear: performer
Buy Humble Bones on Amazon

Insane (feat. Moon Holiday)

Flume: performer
Buy Insane (feat. Moon Holiday) on Amazon

Set It Off

Janine: performer
the Machine: performer
Buy Set It Off on Amazon

Green Trees Red Hearts

Nat Jay: performer
Buy Green Trees Red Hearts on Amazon


League: performer
Buy Hyperflowers on Amazon

Heart of Stone

Tiger Baby: performer
Buy Heart of Stone on Amazon


Girls Love Shoes: performer
Buy Insecurity on Amazon


Girls Love Shoes: writer, performer
Buy Magical on Amazon

Christmas Eve for Two

Summer Fiction: performer
Buy Christmas Eve for Two on Amazon


Picture Book: performer
Buy Strangers on Amazon

Winter Beats

I Break Horses: performer
Buy Winter Beats on Amazon

Trees & Trust

Kye Kye: performer
Buy Trees & Trust on Amazon


The Casket Girls: performer, writer
Buy Heartless on Amazon

Find My Way

Drexler: performer, writer
Buy Find My Way on Amazon

Your Own Ghost

Gold Motel: performer
Buy Your Own Ghost on Amazon

Like a Fire

Erika Spring: performer
Buy Like a Fire on Amazon


Cameras: performer
Buy Break/Hands on Amazon

Mile Marker

Amy Seeley: writer, performer
Buy Mile Marker on Amazon

Kisses Taste Like Damage

Cosimo: performer, writer
Buy Kisses Taste Like Damage on Amazon


Bell Weather Department: performer, writer
Buy Receivers on Amazon

Sweetest Thing

Lo Lo: performer, writer
Buy Sweetest Thing on Amazon


This House: performer, writer
Buy Light on Amazon

Walk With Me

Evan Abeele: writer