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Happy Birthday to You

Mildred J. Hill: writer
Patty S. Hill: writer

And the Green Grass Grows All Around

Harry von Tilzer: composer

The Dance of the Reed Flutes


I Love You

Lee Bernstein: writer

Barney Theme Song

Stephen Bates: writer

The Barney Bag


Look at Me, I'm Three


Number Limbo


Look at Me, I'm Three (Reprise)


A Silly Hat


The Rocket Song


The More We Share Together

Philip A. Parker: arranger

Taking Turns


Mish Mash Soup


The Milk Song


Silly Supper


Snackin' on Healthy Food


Four Seasons Day


If It Never Ever Rained Again


The Fall Song


Winter's Wonderful


Skating, Skating


Tina's Sad Song


Our Friend Barney Has A Face


The Clapping Song


The Exercise Song


Move Your Body


The Shape Up Freeze


Animals in Motion


The Traffic Light Song


The Stranger Song


Old King Cole

Philip A. Parker: arranger

I'm A Little Robot


The Animal Parade


Painting the Shapes


The Rainbow Song


And the Green Grass Grows All Around

William Jerome: writer

The Weather Riddle Song

Bob Singleton: writer

Jingle at the Window

Joseph Phillips: writer

Buckle Up My Seatbelt

Stephen White: writer

Walk Across the Street

Stephen White: writer

Rain Medley

'Rain: writer
Rain Go Away': writer
'It's Raining: writer

Barney Theme Song

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