Congo: The Grand Inga Project Soundtrack (2013) OST

Listen Congo: The Grand Inga Project (2013) Soundtrack

CONGO: The Grand Inga Project chronicles kayak icon Steve Fisher as he and a team of the bravest and most talented paddlers on earth tackle a first descent of the Inga Rapids, a deadly stretch of whitewater in the heart of the Dem...

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Bad Attraction 117

Brad Sucks: performer
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The Initiation

Adam Fielding: performer
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The Wiyos: performer
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Rau: performer
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Throw Money

C.Pro: performer
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The Life

Nick Murray: performer
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God Of War No Choir

Kerry Muzzey: performer
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Kerry Muzzey: performer
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Swash Buckler

Kerry Muzzey: performer
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Beat The Beat

Alberto Domínguez: performer
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Honor And Sacrifice

Ron Passaro: performer
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The Coo Coo Inst

Dean Jones: performer
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Child One Day

J.F. Coleman: performer
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Aw Yeah

Tom Caruana: performer
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How Long Instrumen

Paul Avgerinos: performer
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The Glow Instruments

Adam Fielding: performer
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Burning Babylon: performer
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Euphoria Vol5

Electrofusion: performer
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Lindsey Sterling: performer
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Light Rain

Ilia Shipilov: performer
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Symphonic Beat

Nick Murray: performer
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Kerry Muzzey: performer
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The Motherland

Rochad Holiday: performer
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Slum Dog

Rochad Holiday: performer
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Underworld Series

Alex Khaskin: performer
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Oh Dear Jehu 118

Lovewhip: performer
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(missing title of this track)

Richard Hernandez: performer
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Black Out

Jack D. Elliot: performer
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History Of Roshamb

Jonathan Still: performer
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Welcome To Lim

Jonathan Still: performer
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The Fall Edit Inst

Adam Fielding: performer
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Angel of Death

Brian Wavy: performer
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Avalanche Drums

Brian Wavy: performer
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Dessert Nightdrums

Brian Wavy: performer
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Behind The Wall B

Brian Wavy: performer
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Dreammaker Perk

Brian Wavy: performer
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Jungle Choir Perc

Brian Wavy: performer
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Born In East LA

Dmitry Korchmaryov: performer
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Derrik Jordan: performer
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Nya Ko Bok

Derrik Jordan: performer
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Your Crunk

Artlss: performer
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Venom Short Run

Conard Howe: performer
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