Eurovision laulukilpailu 2004 - Suomen karsinta Soundtrack (2004) OST

Listen Eurovision laulukilpailu 2004 - Suomen karsinta (2004) Soundtrack

Eurovision laulukilpailu 2004 - Suomen karsinta was released in the year 2004, some songs of the official soundtrack are Takes 2 to tango by Jari Sillanpää, Seven times seven by Danny, I don't need to say by Geir Rönning, Eleventh hour by Susann Sonntag. Listen the soundtrack online!

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Takes 2 to tango

Jari Sillanpää: writer, performer
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Seven times seven

Danny: performer
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I don't need to say

Geir Rönning: performer
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Eleventh hour

Susann Sonntag: performer

'till the end of time

Arja Koriseva: performer

A little crazy

Anna Stenlund: performer

Can't stop loving you

Patrick Linman: performer

Dance my heart away

Heidi Kyrö: performer

Higher ground

Sheidi: performer

I can't stop loving you

Kirsi Ranto: performer

Like believers do

Jonna Kosonen: performer

Mouse in the misery

Komissio: performer

My everlasting

Mirella Pendolini: performer

One year of love

Johanna Försti: performer
Jan Mikael: performer


Mira Törmi: performer

Should i run, should i hide

Sonja Biskop: performer


Riikka Timonen: performer, writer

What if

Karoliina Kallio: performer

You don't need to go

Gary Revell Jr.: performer
Tiina Räsänen: performer

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