Heaven Knows What Soundtrack (2014) OST

Listen Heaven Knows What (2014) Soundtrack

Heaven Knows What was released in the year 2014, some songs of the official soundtrack are Phaedra by Tangerine Dream, I Need A Minute by Ariel Pink, Dunkelheit by Burzum, Clair de Lune, No. 3 by Isao Tomita. Listen the soundtrack online!

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Tangerine Dream: performer
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I need a minute

Ariel Pink: performer
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Burzum: performer
Varg Vikernes: writer
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Clair de lune, no. 3

Isao Tomita: performer

Gardens in the rain

Isao Tomita: performer

Oedipus orca

James Dashow: performer

Oedipus orca (titoli)

James Dashow: writer, performer

Snowflakes are dancing

Isao Tomita: performer

The demon dance of doc death

Paul Grimstad: performer

The engulfed cathedral

Isao Tomita: performer

The power of the mind

Headhunterz: performer

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