Katalin Varga Soundtrack (2009) OST

Katalin Varga was released in the year 2009, some songs of the official soundtrack are Bar Music by Lajos Mocsel, Brasov Traffic Report by Raluca Sava, Brasov Traffic Report Jingle' by ROJ, Capreolus capreolus by Dr Alan Burbidge. Listen the soundtrack online!

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Bar music

Lajos Mocsel: performer
Antal Mocsel: performer
Elek Gergely: performer
Lorand Szabo: performer
Csaba Fazekas: performer

Brasov traffic report

Raluca Sava: performer

Brasov traffic report jingle'

ROJ: performer

Capreolus capreolus

Dr Alan Burbidge: performer

Ciconia' - excerpts taken from 'automating (volume 1)

Nurse With Wound: performer

Derbyshire ringtone

Sculpture: performer

Factory whistle

ROJ: performer

Festival music

Levente Mezei: performer
Adrian Mezei: performer
Alexandrou Mezei: performer
The Csavas Band: performer

Gergely ringtone

Xylitol: performer

Live from the canteens of atlantis (part 6)' - excerpt from 'live from the canteens of atlantis

Tim Kirby: performer
Colin Fletcher: performer
Peter Strickland: performer

Metal mushroom' - excerpt taken from 'music and words

Clive Graham: performer
Adam Bohman: performer, writer

Mountain tone

ROJ: performer

Nem itt, nem most (part 1)' - excerpt from 'nem itt, nem most

R.R. Habarc: performer

Op. 7110

én: performer

Otus scops

Dr Alan Burbidge: performer

The grave and beautiful name of sadness' - excerpts taken from 'the sadness of thing

Steven Stapleton: performer, writer
David Tibet: writer

The lamb is the light thereof' - excerpt taken from 'seven transdanubian recipes

Dan Hayhurst: performer
Peter Strickland: performer

The main thing' - excerpt taken from 'orynx


The schmurz (unsullied by suckling)' - excerpt taken from 'homotopy to marie

Nurse With Wound: performer

Yellow peel

ROJ: performer

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