Off the Air Soundtrack (2011) OST

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Off the Air was released in the year 2011, some songs of the official soundtrack are We Want Your Soul by Adam Freeland, The Music Scene by Blockhead, The Flying Nun by 9 Lazy 9, Shave My Pussy by Chad VanGaalen. Listen the soundtrack online!

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We want your soul

Adam Freeland: performer
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The music scene

Blockhead: performer
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The flying nun

9 Lazy 9: performer
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Shave my pussy

Chad VanGaalen: performer
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Let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel

Atlas Sound: performer
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Dental fur

Freescha: performer
Nick Huntington: writer
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Dan Deacon: performer
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Beak>: performer
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Tycho: performer

A glorious dawn

Ann Druyan: performer
Carl Sagan: performer
: performer
John Boswell: performer



Cut that mullet

Wesley Willis: performer

Let's all go go to the lobby

Jack K. Tillar: writer

Lo lindora

Kodak to Graph: performer


Cyriak Harris: performer

My machine


New direction

Black Lips: performer

Quantum leap

Planet Mu: performer
Slugabed: performer

Quick canal

Laetitia Sadier: performer


Cyriak Harris: performer

Terra incognito

Atlas Sound: performer

The gray ship

EMA: performer

The star-spangled banner

Black Lips: performer

The vision

Ian Brody: performer

Zodiac sh!t

Flying Lotus: performer

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