Scream: The TV Series Soundtrack (2015) OST

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All The Things Lost

MS MR: performer


Nightbox: performer


On An On: performer

Pull The Trigger

APES: performer

Cloud 69

Lowell: performer

Gone Gone Gone

French for Rabbits: performer

Better Off Without You

Aquilo: performer

When You Go

Avec Sans: performer

The Monster

Atella: performer

Star Spangled

REMMI: performer

Lose Control

BF/GF: performer


Oh Wonder: performer

All We Do

Oh Wonder: performer

There's a Ghost

Fleurie: performer


MAALA: performer


Lola Marsh: performer

When I Rule The World

LIZ: performer

Hold Me Down

Mansionair: performer

Pain Goes Away

Refs: performer


Tep No: performer

You're the Best

Wet: performer


Kovas: performer

The Future

The Pass: performer

Step on It

The DNC: performer

Snow White

Labyrinth Ear: performer

Calling Me Up

Level: performer
Tyson: performer

No One Knows

Natalie Taylor: performer

Agony & Ecstasy

Millions: performer

You & Me Against the World


Ruelle: performer

U Make Me Feel Good

Astronomyy: performer

Bored out of My Brains

Bunnies On Ponies: performer

Castle Van Halen

Bunnies On Ponies: performer


Hoodlem: performer

Old Friend

Hoodlem: performer


REMMI: performer

Love I Know

Huntar: performer

Leaving Now

Rose Quartz: performer

Set This Heart on Fire

Machineheart: performer

Before It All Falls Apart

Mulholland: performer

Ready or Not

MYZICA: performer

You Never Can Tell

Chuck Berry: composer

Dancin' Circles (ClubDUB)

Dave Audé: composer

'Kingdom of Alone

Bertie Blackman: composer


Bertie Blackman: composer

Slow Motion

Hayley Taylor: performer


Wild Belle: performer

How I Look For You

Juliette Commagere: composer

No One

Jill Andrews: composer

Memory ft. I O N A

Chris Arena: writer,performer

Spectacular Rival

George Ezra: composer

Wiggle It

Def Conz: performer


Phoebe Ryan: composer

Rescue My Heart

Liz Longley: composer

Things I'd Do For You

Astronomyy: performer

Your Favorite Storm

In Waves: performer


The DNC ft. Yoni: performer

Killin' it



Incan Abraham: composer

All You Want

Incan Abraham: composer

Hold Me Close

LANKS: performer

Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

KANEHOLLER: performer

Any Closer

Brain Tan: performer


Emilie Nicolas: composer


KLOE: performer

How Hard I Try


Die Young

BONFIRES: performer

Dance All Night

Gold Plated: performer

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