Space Trucker Bruce Soundtrack (2014) OST

Space Trucker Bruce was released in the year 2014, some songs of the official soundtrack are Babes and Booze by Wavebuffet, Beautiful Soundtrack Buildup (Trailers) by Walperion Music, Chord sequencer rise by Sideral, Cinematic 06 strings tension suspence A by Kora3000. Listen the soundtrack online!

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Babes and booze

Wavebuffet: performer

Beautiful soundtrack buildup (trailers)

Walperion Music: composer

Chord sequencer rise

Sideral: performer

Cinematic 06 strings tension suspence a

Kora3000: performer

Cinematic 09 pad arpeggio electronic tension

Kora3000: performer

Comedy cue

PatrickAThompson: performer

Comedy pizz cello

Elvele: performer

Cool alley jazz

Jnihiser1: performer

David lynch vertigo

Sideral: performer

Dramatic action intro

MusicMan: composer

Dubstep city main

FutureLovers: performer

Escape the jaws

Magnetic: performer

Evil is coming - dark sinister piece

Elvele: performer

Feel the tension

ZingDog: performer

Furious horror trailer

SoundFruit: performer

Gentle crying, sad orchestral piece, version c

Elvele: performer

Happy ukulele

Sweetwaveaudio: performer

Might battle upfront

ChristianA: performer

Musical stinger, comedy

Scsepse: performer

Orchestra horror sting 6



Capoproductions: performer

Quickly find me at home

JolantaGalka: performer

Reggae banjo

Evrenbass: performer


Freddiehangoler: performer


Deskspace: performer

Sad orchestra with duduk

Elvele: performer


BenSound: performer

Skrillex style dubstep

Justincrosby: performer

Synth pop loop

DiMusic: composer

Tense and sad background music

Elvele: performer

This is my kingdom

JolantaGalka: performer

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