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Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
Abdullah's Guarantee O21 writer
Blow It to Pieces O21 writer
Find the Boy and You'll Get Abdullah O21 writer
I Need You to Keep It O21 writer
It Seems That You're Going to Be Late O21 performer
Manage Your Destiny O21 writer
O21 O21 writer
Plan B. Run!!! O21 writer
The Chip O21 performer
The Drive O21 writer
The Restarter O21 writer
There's No Way Back O21 performer
We Can Have a Powerful Country O21 performer
You Vulnerables writer
You Are the Only One Vulnerables writer
Eurovegas Torrente V: Misión Eurovegas writer
   A Few Trucks O21 performer
   A Prayer for Help Gurba (La Condena) writer
   Agent R.Jillani O21 writer
   Any News? O21 performer
   Anyone There? Vulnerables writer
   Below the Sun Gurba (La Condena) writer
   Beyond the Sand Gurba (La Condena) writer
   Blood and Metal Gurba (La Condena) writer
   Calm Down O21 writer
   Countdown O21 writer
   Crossroads O21 writer
   Cry Gurba (La Condena) writer
   Dark Visitor Vulnerables writer
   Dinner Time Vulnerables writer
   Dreamed Freedom Gurba (La Condena) writer
   Eurovegas Torrente 5: Operación Eurovegas writer
   Final Move 021 writer
   Final Move O21 writer
   Go and Get Him! O21 writer
   Green March Gurba (La Condena) writer
   Gurba Gurba (La Condena) writer
   Help Gurba (La Condena) writer
   Hush Hush, Little Baby performer
   I Am Right Behind You Vulnerables writer
   I Am Trying to Help You O21 performer
   If You Are Watching This, It Means That I'm Dead O21 writer
   Imagine You Wake up One Day... O21 writer
   It's a Deal Vulnerables writer
   It's Better to Disappear O21 writer
   It's Kashif Siddiki O21 writer
   It's Over O21 writer
   Jones O21 writer
   Keep Waiting Vulnerables writer
   Kill Them All 021 writer
   Kill Them All O21 performer
   Kunziet Cafe O21 performer
   Landmines Gurba (La Condena) writer
   Looking Around Vulnerables writer
   Mohamed Gurba (La Condena) writer
   My Land O21 writer
   My Mind Reveals Reality Vulnerables writer
   My Son Marcos Vulnerables writer
   My Truth Vulnerables writer
   Omar Bulsan Gurba (La Condena) writer
   Opening Credits Vulnerables writer
   REC Vulnerables writer
   Secret Kiss Vulnerables writer
   Sniper Switch O21 writer
   So Close, So Blind Entrepreneur Made in Hollywood performer
   Something Is Going Wrong O21 performer
   Stan's Message O21 writer
   Tea Time O21 writer
   The Agency's Shortcut O21 writer
   The CIA's Search O21 writer
   The Grandfather Vulnerables writer
   The Hope for a Better Future Gurba (La Condena) writer
   The House Vulnerables writer
   The Kidnapping 021 writer
   The Kidnapping O21 writer
   The Town Vulnerables writer
   The Victims Gurba (La Condena) writer
   This is what we are trained for 021 writer
   This is what we are trained for O21 performer
   Three Types of Friends O21 performer
   Time to Leave Vulnerables writer
   Tons of Data O21 writer
   Tying up Loose Ends O21 performer
   Unstoppable. Incorruptible. O21 performer
   Vanishing O21 performer
   Vulnerable Entrepreneur Made in Hollywood writer
   Vulnerable Main Theme Vulnerables writer
   Water and Food Gurba (La Condena) writer
   We'll Find Him the Traditional Way O21 writer
   We'll Fix It... Vulnerables writer
   Welcome Home O21 performer
   What Are You Fighting for? O21 writer
   What I've Done Vulnerables writer
   Why Do You Think About Me Every Time Something Happens? O21 writer