Ronald Binge Soundtracks

Born into a poor family in Derby in 1910, Ronald Binge had to learn music the hard way. After his father, an iron moulder by trade, died from injuries sustained in WW1, the family had no money to spare for music lessons and Ronald had to teach himself, with help from a local choirmaster. His film music career began in 1927 when he joined the orchestra of the tiny Cosmo Cinema in Derby, and it was there that he learned to sight read, arrange and compose for silent movies. In 1932 he moved to Lond...
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Charmaine The Green Mile arranger
Elizabethan Reggae Party Party writer
Elizabethan Serenade Confessions of a Shopaholic performer
Elizabethan Serenade Of Time and the City writer
Sailing By High-Rise writer
   Blue Fever First Man Into Space composer
   Blue Fever The Mail Van Murder composer
   Charmaine The Island arranger
   Chill Wind and Churchyard A for Andromeda writer
   Clown Mister Magoo composer
   Elizabethan Serenade (Where the Gentle Avon Flows) Children of Men writer
   Forlorn Blitz on Britain composer
   Forlorn Blitz on Britain composer
   In Your Arms Plan 9 from Outer Space composer
   Sailing By I, Daniel Blake writer
   Take-Off for Mars Mister Magoo composer
   The Chemistry of Madness: Benzedrine A for Andromeda writer
   The Fire God Fatal Journey composer
   The Fire God Night Plane to Amsterdam composer
   The Fire God Passenger to Tokyo composer
   The Palais Stroll Åh, en så'n grabb composer
   The Watermill The Secret Garden writer
   Train Call Mister Magoo composer
   Trapezist Mister Magoo composer
   Trapezist The Grand Junction Case composer
   Trapset The Never Never Murder composer
   Vamp Till Ready Mister Magoo composer