The Grand Junction Case Soundtrack (1961) OST

Listen The Grand Junction Case (1961) Soundtrack

The Grand Junction Case was released in the year 1961, some songs of the official soundtrack are Action in Drama 1-5 by Robert Farnon, Curly Cues by Bruce Campbell, Dramatic Scenes by Sidney Torch, Drumdramatics 6-7 by Robert Farnon. Listen the soundtrack online!

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Action in drama 1-5

Robert Farnon: composer

Curly cues

Bruce Campbell: composer

Dramatic scenes

Sidney Torch: composer

Drumdramatics 6-7

Robert Farnon: composer

Five dramatic bridges

Kurt Rehfeld: composer

Forty comedy punctuations and bridges

Frederic Bayco: composer

Mailed fist

Cecil Milner: composer

Marche macabre

Ivor Slaney: composer

Relentless energy

Wilfred Burns: composer

Synchro stings

Trevor Duncan: composer


Ronald Binge: composer


Van Phillips: composer

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