Daniel Pemberton Soundtracks

Filmography: Daniel Pemberton songs

Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
play soundtrack Theme from upstairs downstairs Upstairs downstairs performer
play soundtrack Take you down Top gear writer, performer
play soundtrack Summer song Yesterday writer
play soundtrack I dream of gold Gold performer
play soundtrack Gold Gold writer
play soundtrack Finding the fury Cuban fury performer
play soundtrack At the sound of the bell Gold performer
   1998. the new mac. Steve jobs writer
   Also sprach zarathustra Littlebigplanet 2 music arranger
   Change the world Steve jobs writer
   Child (father) Steve jobs writer
   Christ in the house of his parents Million dollar american princesses writer, performer
   Cries in the wind Littlebigplanet composer
   Critical analysis Million dollar american princesses performer
   Disco divertimento duo Littlebigplanet 2 composer
   Doctor dizzy Pastewka performer
   Doombells The grand tour writer
   Father (child) Steve jobs writer
   Fire in the sky Moonwalkers performer
   Flicker (no fx mix) Mademoiselle c writer
   Girly goody two shoes Littlebigplanet composer
   Glistening diamond The grand tour writer
   Highway haze The grand tour writer
   I play the orchestra Steve jobs writer
   I wrote ticket to ride Steve jobs writer
   In a spin Pastewka performer
   In sight of danger The grand tour writer
   It's an abstract Steve jobs writer
   It's not working Steve jobs writer
   Jack it up Steve jobs writer
   Leaders of men Littlebigplanet composer
   Life out of balance Steve jobs writer
   Masquerade Darling composer
   Music Venom writer, producer
   Music from '[link=tt4633694]' Venom writer, producer
   My advice part 1 Littlebigplanet composer
   My advice part 2 Littlebigplanet composer
   My advice part 3 Littlebigplanet composer
   Night thief Pastewka writer, performer
   Odd hobby Pastewka writer, performer
   One man against many The grand tour writer
   Plodding along Pastewka performer
   Puzzled mind Pastewka performer
   Questions and answers The grand tour writer
   Rainbow warrior Littlebigplanet composer
   Rat a tat Velvet writer
   Remember Steve jobs writer
   Revenge Steve jobs writer
   Ridge runner The grand tour writer
   Riding to laramie The grand tour writer
   Riding to laramie Casa de mi padre writer
   Rock the jungle Littlebigplanet composer
   Rock this road Yesterday writer
   Russian roulette Steve jobs writer
   Secret affair Pastewka performer
   Shifty looking characters Pastewka performer
   Silly beggar Pastewka writer, performer
   Sneaky snoops Pastewka performer
   Storm cloud forming Pastewka performer
   The appliance of science Littlebigplanet composer
   The boy's a genius Million dollar american princesses performer
   The circus of machines i (overture) Steve jobs writer
   The circus of machines ii (allegro) Steve jobs writer
   The cool crowd Velvet writer
   The detective Darling composer
   The devil and the huntsman King arthur: legend of the sword writer
   The gunfight The grand tour writer
   The gunfight Casa de mi padre writer
   The musicians play their instruments Steve jobs writer
   The nature of people Steve jobs writer
   The orb of dreamers Littlebigplanet composer
   The skylab plan Steve jobs writer
   The ultimate journey Sea oak writer
   The wheels Mademoiselle c writer
   Tricky business Littlebigplanet composer
   Twitcher Pastewka writer, performer
   Ultimate plan The grand tour writer
   Under bridges Pastewka performer
   Washington approach Fyre writer