Sam Spence Soundtracks

Sam Spence
Samuel Lloyd Spence is an American soundtrack composer best known for his work with NFL Films. His work has also been on the EA Sports Madden NFL football videogames and countless football-related commercials.
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Filmography: Sam Spence songs

Play Soundtrack Movie/Serie Type Buy song
   A chilling championship Spongebob squarepants writer
   Age of discovery Spongebob squarepants composer
   Age of discovery Kablam! composer
   Astronauts march Spongebob squarepants composer
   Big ed's march Spongebob squarepants composer, writer
   Big ed's march Kablam! composer
   Blackbird pie Eating raoul music arranger
   Bonnie blue gal Spongebob squarepants composer
   Bonnie blue gal Nfl game day 2000 composer
   Carnapping (main title) Car-napping - bestellt, geklaut, geliefert performer
   Christopher columbus Die abenteuer von pico und columbus composer
   Deadline Black dynamite composer
   Deadline Black dynamite composer
   Deadline Spongebob squarepants composer, writer
   Deadline Kablam! composer
   Duel in the dust Public enemies: the golden age of the gangster film composer
   Duel in the dust Kablam! composer
   Hit and run Spongebob squarepants composer
   Hit and run Kablam! composer
   Latin nights Spongebob squarepants composer
   Life on the wild side Spongebob squarepants writer
   Mermaidman our hero Spongebob squarepants writer
   Moog shots Great (isambard kingdom brunel) composer
   Movin' along Spongebob squarepants composer
   Odyssey Kablam! composer
   Pell-mell Celebrating sixteen candles composer
   Pell-mell Spongebob squarepants composer, writer
   Pell-mell Kablam! composer
   Police car Spongebob squarepants composer, writer
   Police car Kablam! composer
   Pomp and glory Kablam! composer
   Porsche power Car-napping - bestellt, geklaut, geliefert performer
   Ramblin' man from gramblin' Spongebob squarepants composer, writer
   Regal happy theme Spongebob squarepants composer
   Roundup Spongebob squarepants composer
   Roundup Nfl game day 2000 composer
   Running bass Kablam! composer
   Rush hour Kablam! composer
   Steve's march Spongebob squarepants composer
   The coming conflict Spongebob squarepants composer
   The equalizer Spongebob squarepants writer
   The equalizer Kablam! composer
   The equalizer The simpsons composer
   The irish patriot Spongebob squarepants composer
   The lineman Celebrating sixteen candles composer
   The lineman Spongebob squarepants composer, writer
   The lineman Kablam! composer
   The lineman The simpsons composer
   The linemen Kablam! composer
   The marines march Kablam! composer
   The mob Celebrating sixteen candles composer
   The mob Spongebob squarepants composer, writer
   Up she rises Spongebob squarepants composer
   Up she rises Everybody loves raymond composer, writer, performer
   West side rumble Black dynamite composer
   West side rumble Teacher's pet composer
   West side rumble Spongebob squarepants composer
   West side rumble Kablam! composer